Moving can be an overwhelming ordeal, especially when moving to a new city or country. It feels like you’re juggling 100 things at once, from starting to pack, the cost of moving, surviving during moving day and the ever-present anxiety that you have forgotten something important.

When moving to a new city, it pays to know what you’re getting into before moving. It only makes sense to do tonnes of research about the city you’re going to call home. Thankfully we have already done a lot of the work for you! Learn about the pros and cons of moving to these Canadian cities:

Now that you’re informed about the city you’re moving to, you can start preparing and then later adjusting to this new chapter of your life. Here’s what you need to know about how to prepare and adjust when moving to a new city.

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Create a budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving to a whole new province, moving to America from Canada, or right next door, it’s always key to be realistic with your money and plan accordingly. Things like utility bills, gas prices, rent, taxes, etc. should all be considered when creating your moving and post-moving budget. Here are some additional preparation tips for some of the more important aspects of moving to a new city.


One transition that can be hard for moving with your kids is changing schools. New friends, teachers and atmosphere and culture can be a difficult adjustment. But with the proper planning and research, this can be a very beneficial experience for your children, allowing them to grow outside their comfort zone.

We encourage you to do your research on the schools around your new neighbourhood. Think about proximity and accessibility. One great resource to utilize when researching a school is Fraser Institute’s school rankings. There you’ll find an overall ranking score of schools in Canada with various stats to back up the rankings.

Change Utilities

If you’re moving to a city outside of your province, state or even country, changing your utilities should be on your planning list… unless you’re Amish. From the essentials like electricity, natural gas and water to luxuries like internet, TV and home security.

Make a list of what utilities need to change and research the providers at your new location. Once that’s done, cancel or notify your old utilities that you’re planning to move. Collect any papers and documents you may need too and schedule your service disconnection and reconnection at the new location.

Plan Your Move

Start by choosing a moving company you can trust. Once you’ve chosen a moving date, it’s time to start packing your belongings. Many times a new job start date or closing date on a new home will determine the time schedule you have to do your planning. Always start by decluttering any items you may not need anymore and organize all your belongings. Get yourself a moving day checklist and survival kit.

Don’t forget to celebrate with friends and family. If you’re moving far away, this may be the last time you see these lovely people for a while. Why not celebrate and reminisce on your relationships with your family and friends. It may be a bittersweet time, but make the most of it!


So you’ve made it. You’ve started to unpack and settle into your new city. It’s time to explore the city sights. Get to know the place you’re now calling home. This will help you get a feel for the people and the atmosphere this city displays. From the museums, restaurants to sights and sounds, learn about what makes this city so unique. You only get to be a new tourist in your own city once!

Figure Out Transportation

Whether you’re travelling to work or school, commuting could be a very real part of your everyday schedule. Go back to your budgeting plan and see which form of travelling works best for you. Maybe, the bus is the easiest way? Or, you want some exercise, so you’ll bike?

Pick what works best for your budget and your lifestyle. Try biking to work on a Saturday to get a sense of the distance. Do a trial run on the bus to figure out how long it will take to get to work. Scope out the parking spots at your new job so you have few surprises as possible.

Find Your Go-To Stores

Like back at your old place, you had your go-to stores and restaurants. Find the closest grocery store, the closest gas station, coffee shop and take out restaurants. Get adventurous and try a new cuisine or grab lunch at the local artists’ cafe. Explore your neighbourhood parks and community gathering places. It’s all new and exciting and your chance to broaden your horizons.

Meet New People

For many, stepping outside your comfort zone and making new friends can be difficult. But, it’s a great way to adjust to your new surroundings. Whether it’s befriending neighbours, co-workers, classmates or random strangers, create a new circle of friends and participate as much as possible.

Get your family involved in activities. Another way to get to know new people is by taking up activities. Whether you and your kids are interested in sports, crafts, games etc. there are plenty of options for you to express your interests and passions. Sign up for local meetups and events to find like-minded people looking to learn and have fun.

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