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“Having moved 6 times in 12 years, we’ve had plenty of recent experience with moving companies. Cassidy’s outdid every other mover.”

Diana Wolfe, Ottawa

Our PEI Long Distance Moving Services

Cassidy’s friendly and respectful team of movers will take the stress out of your moving experience so that you can enjoy the adventure of your long distance move. We’ve been moving people and their possessions locally and around the world since 1908, and we’ve experienced hundreds of different kinds of moves. 

Cassidy’s has a team of people who know how to serve you better, from the very first conversation you have with our knowledgeable moving consultant to the team carefully unloading your belongings into your new PEI home. No need to worry if you’re out of your depth with your long distance move, because Cassidy’s will make sure you know how everything works and have all the paperwork necessary to make your move worry free!

No matter what time of year you’re moving, or where in the big city you’re moving to, Cassidy’s long distance moving company will be at your side. We offer comprehensive packing and unpacking services, local and long distance moving services, and can help with the logistics of such a journey. Our experienced Ottawa and Vancouver moving team will get you to your final destination stress free.

Trusted Partners and Accreditations

Cassidy’s is a long standing and respected member of the moving industry. We strive to uphold the very best in service, standards, and care no matter how far you’re moving.

We are members of and/or accredited by the following organizations:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • United Van Lines
  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce
  • Canadian Association of Movers
  • Air Miles

Pros & Cons of Moving to Prince Edward Island

Pros of Moving to PEI:

Low Cost of Living

Prince Edward Island ranks remarkably low in terms of cost of living. Even Charlottetown, the capital, is one of the most affordable cities in Canada. Real estate, food, and your monthly utility bills will all be cheaper here.

Family Friendly

PEI is an excellent place when you’re moving long-distance with your family in tow. The province boasts good schools and colleges and even a university. There are tons of family-friendly activities, especially outdoors. TIP: Be sure to share the story of Anne of Green Gables with your kids before you come here!

Everything Is In Proximity

PEI is an island, after all, and a fairly small one at less than 6000 square kilometres. So that means everything you want is within reasonable proximity, including beaches, restaurants, government offices, and more.

Beautiful Scenery

Water, water everywhere… magnificent ocean views and white sand beaches top the list of beautiful local sights in Prince Edward Island. But there’s even more scenery to love: the stunning red sandstone cliffs, sunsets (try sunset watching at Rocky Point, Charlottetown), bridges, lighthouses, lush forests, and lots more.

Unique Festivals & Culture

Islanders are always ready to enjoy life with festivals and fun. Here’s a glimpse of some of the annual celebrations in PEI:

  • Lobster setting time
  • The PEI Festival of Wines
  • Free Family Fishing Weekend
  • The Ceilidh celebration of traditional Celtic song and dance

There is truly something for everyone!

Delicious Food

One of PEI’s nicknames is “Food Island,” referring to the abundance of tasty, locally sourced food. Of course, seafood ranks high on just about every menu, with fresher-than-fresh lobster, clams, oysters, and a wide assortment of fish. Be sure to sample the province’s justly famous farm produce — potatoes, apples, and blueberries — as well.

Cons of Moving to PEI:

Low Employment Rate

Be prepared: finding work in PEI is not easy. The province has one of the lowest employment rates in Canada. Many of the jobs that do exist are seasonal, in fishing, farming, and tourism. However, if you’re retired or working from home, you’re all set.


If you’re fond of wet weather, you’ll love PEI. On average, it rains (or snows, or hails) a good 50 percent of the time throughout the year. Also, summers may be cooler than you’re used to.

Traffic & Lack of Diverse Transportation

Prince Edward Island doesn’t have the best public transportation, particularly if you move outside one of the cities. Owning a car is a must, and as a result of the many vehicles on the roads, there are frequent traffic jams.

Should You Move to Prince Edward Island?

Now that you’ve had a look at the facts of life in PEI, what do you think?

Frequent rain and limited job opportunities are potential turnoffs for some people. On the other hand, if the low cost of living, fantastic scenery, delightful food, and intriguing festivals appeal, moving to Prince Edward Island could be the right choice for you.

When you’re ready to pack your bags, contact Cassidy’s. We provide reliable long distance and international moving services, anywhere in Canada or around the world. To find out the cost of your move, ask us for a free quote.

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