Long Distance Moving Across Canada

Cassidy’s is your trusted long distance moving company in Ottawa. We will ensure your belongings get there with safe transportation and stress-free packing and moving services, whether your new home is in Canada, the US or somewhere else in the world. 

For long distance residential moving anywhere across Canada, we partner with United Van Lines, a leading company since 1967. United Van Lines is Canada’s largest network of moving companies and the only Canadian van line that is 100% owned and operated by its members.

Whether your possessions are loaded on a Cassidy’s truck or a truck owned by one of our fellow United members of United, you get the same high standards that have made United Van lines the leader among long distance movers in Ottawa.

Moving to the United States

Understanding your responsibilities, documentation requirements and what to expect at Canada/US Customs is the key to a successful move. You want to avoid unnecessary delays and having your shipment being held up at the border.

Cassidy’s is an Ottawa long distance moving company that will provide you with all of the necessary Customs forms and guide you in completing them.

Please take extra care to ensure that passports, birth certificates, photo ID and social insurance/security numbers for each family member crossing the border are up to date.

Working With US Customs

Did you know that when you move from Canada to the US it is not necessary for you to be present when your goods cross the border? You must, however, enter the US and declare your residency before your shipment can cross the US border.

Both countries have specific regulations regarding the items you can or can’t import and a list of items that are prohibited. Cassidy’s makes sure you have all the knowledge you need to make your move to the US easy and bother free.

International Moving

Moving overseas can be both intimidating and exciting. There is the prospect of seeing new places, becoming acquainted with people from different cultures, and learning customs different from those of your native country.

Nevertheless, there are understandable anxieties particularly about the safe handling of your possessions. The key to an efficient international move is planning: taking the guesswork out of moving by reducing it to a series of manageable, scheduled events.

International Moving Paperwork and Preparation

The most important thing to remember is that every country has slightly different customs requirements and prohibitions (what you can and cannot ship). Your Cassidy’s representative will need to give you the specific paperwork and requirements for your destination country and personal situation.

You will need to have your work or student visa in order before you contact Cassidy’s. We will start by visiting your home to review your possessions and provide you with a free moving estimate.

  1. There are two ways to ship overseas: by air or by sea. Most people choose to ship by sea because air freight shipping is about 3 times the cost.
  2. Total travel time for shipping by sea is 4 weeks+ (depending on when an available ship is scheduled to leave for your destination country). Shipping by air usually takes 1 to 2 weeks. DISCLAIMER: These are only estimates and are subject to change.
  3. All international shipments must be prepaid prior to leaving Canada.
  4. Once your visa is in order, you can make your booking with Cassidy’s. We can pick up your shipment at any time, but it may take up to one month for the shipment to leave the port.
  5. Unlike moves to the United States, the customs paperwork for international moves can be filled out after you make your booking with Cassidy’s. This is because of the longer turnaround time on shipping by sea.

Long Distance Moving FAQs

What Is Considered A Long Distance Move?

Cassidy’s categorizes a long distance move as one of 100 miles (161 kilometres) or more. Most long distance moving companies entail moving long distances across the province, across the country, or even internationally.

What Is The Cost Of A Long Distance Move?

The cost of a long distance move is calculated on a “total weight times distance” basis (not including optional packing services). The heavier your possessions and the farther you’re moving, the higher the cost.

TIP: While you can’t shorten the distance of your move, you can reduce the weight. Decluttering before you pack is vital for a long distance move. Look at every item with a critical eye. Is it really worth paying to move that worn (though still usable) couch, say? Donating it, and buying new after your move, might turn out more cost-effective.

What Do I Need To Know About Moving To A New Province?

When it comes to moving across Canada, each Canadian province is unique. When you move to a different province in Canada, you won’t have to get used to a new currency, but there are plenty of details you should know about in advance. Just a couple of examples: Every province has its own system for providing healthcare, and issuing driver’s licenses. Although you’re allowed a grace period, taking care of these issues ASAP makes excellent sense.

How To Plan For A Long Distance Move?

When you’re moving far away, organization is key. You need a reliable moving company and a well-thought-out plan of action. Pack your belongings extra securely for the long trip and be aware that instead of a quick one-day affair, long distance moving may mean a wait of up to 2 weeks before your shipment is delivered to your door. Finally, consider what to do with your car. Will you sell it, ship it, or drive it to the new location?

What Not to Pack When Long Distance Moving?

When embarking on a long-distance move, it’s crucial to be selective about what you pack to ensure a smoother transition. Certain items are best left behind due to their potential fragility, perishability, or impracticality.

Here’s what you can’t pack when long distance moving. Bulky furniture that may not fit well in your new space, perishable foods, hazardous materials, and items of sentimental or high monetary value should be carefully considered. Additionally, donating or selling items that you no longer need can help lighten the load and streamline your move. Prioritize essentials and sentimental items, while leaving behind what doesn’t serve your new chapter.

Why Choose Cassidy’s for Long Distance Moving

We aim to take the stress out of your moving experience so that you can enjoy the adventure. There are 4 main reasons you should choose us for your long distance move.

Help With Complex International Moving Paperwork

Don’t worry if you’ve never moved to another country before. Cassidy’s will make sure you know how it works and have all the paperwork necessary to make your move worry free.

Free Moving Evaluation

It all starts when you request your moving estimate. A professional Moving Consultant will come to your home and provide you with a detailed evaluation of your belongings, the services available to you and the costs involved. This evaluation is free and some moves can be guaranteed within 10%.

Over 100 Years of Experience

We’ve been moving people and their precious possessions locally and around the world since 1908. We have the experience to know what to expect for different kinds of moves – whether it’s complicated international procedures or how to handle your delicate belongings.

Our Friendly, Knowledgeable Team

From our moving consultants to the team that loads your truck, Cassidy’s has been investing in people who know how to serve you better. You and your possessions will be treated with the kind of respect that we would want.

We’re the long distance movers who care about making everything go smoothly.

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