There’s a lot to consider during the moving process. Choosing your moving company, packing, storage, travel, schools for the little ones etc. 

Once you’ve arrived at your new home, you’re ready to settle in and relax. Maybe, it’s treating yourself to a hot bath or, kicking up your feet and binging your favourite TV show.

These luxuries are powered by our utilities. Unless you want to recreate a power outage, you’ll want to ensure you’ve changed utilities before moving.

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Follow these steps to efficiently transfer your utilities.

NOTE: Plan within weeks in advance for a smooth moving transition. If any of your utilities require installation or removal, plan ahead.

1. Establish a List of Utilities

In every aspect of moving, organization is key. And transferring your utilities are no exception.

Keep a list of all your utilities, their companies, and any online logins. This allows you to be efficient, organized and focused on moving day.

When you’re creating your list, include the company’s utility contact information. This is in case of any future issues with payments or bills.

Your utilities can vary from:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water/Sewer
  • Garbage/Recycling/Waste Removal
  • Phone Number
  • Internet
  • Cable/Satellite
  • Home Security

2. Arranging New Utilities

Once you’ve created your list of utilities, evaluate your future relationship with these companies. Focus on whether you’re forced to change due to location or if you’re not satisfied with their services.

When concentrating on essential services, location is your main focus. Whether you’re planning a move to a new province, city or country, you most likely won’t have a choice on your provider. 

Research your utility service area and determine who you’ll be depending on as your new essential service. Research the rules, payments or changes that could differ from your previous location.

For optional services such as telephone, cable, internet, home security, decide on whether or not you’re pleased with your current services. 

If you’re satisfied, stick with it or find a similar service depending on your future location. 

If your utilities could be better, research for optional services that meet your expectations for a quality utility service.

3. Contact Past and Future Utilities

Now, it’s time to contact these companies to transfer your utilities. 

When cancelling utilities, it’s important to communicate. By doing so, these companies could potentially recommend another service. As well as provide you with information about the utility in your future location.

If your utility requires removal, book an appointment, and ensure you’re home for it. It may be helpful to create a calendar. This keeps your family organized, listing all your plans and tasks that need to be done before the move. 

When contacting future utilities, provide your personal information, your previous and future home.

When contacting returning utilities, provide them with your new information like your new home address and billing information.

4. Record Final Meter Reading

Don’t forget to record your last meter reading for your water, electricity and gas before your move.

This final reading is evidence in case of being charged with an unexpected utility bill. Recording your meter reading is proof of unused gas, electric and water.

Write down the information or take a picture.

Moving Forward

Before you begin the process of changing your utilities, you need to choose your movers.

We’ve talked a lot about organization and efficiency. Something every move should focus on. 

To ensure an organized move, why not check out our Ultimate Moving Checklist. Revealing tips and tricks, productive scheduling and essential steps to make for an ultimate move.

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