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Cassidy’s professional Ottawa to Edmonton movers will take the stress out of your long distance moving experience so that you can enjoy the adventure of settling into a new home and city. We’ve been moving people and their possessions locally and around the world since 1908, and we have the experience of hundreds of different kinds of long distance moves. 

Choosing Cassidy’s for your Edmonton moving company means that you won’t have to worry about the entire process of getting across the prairies from Ottawa. We’ll handle the entire moving process, from getting packing materials (like bubble wrap) and moving boxes to loading up furniture, moving items into storage, and packing the truck on moving day. 

We also offer partial packing services (or full packing, if you’re looking to save time). Our team will make your entire moving journey as stress free as possible, all while delivering great service, excellent communication, and affordable rates.


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Pros & Cons of Moving to Edmonton

Are you thinking of moving from Ontario to Edmonton? Kudos to you for doing some research before you make up your mind. Wide open spaces, affordable housing, a recovering job market, a mid-sized urban area and the capital of Alberta, Edmonton offers a lot to attract prospective movers.

However, along with its advantages, like any city it also has its downsides. So don’t start packing your bags until you check out our guide to the pros and cons of moving to Edmonton.

The Pros of Moving to Edmonton

You’ll find a lot to love if you’re moving to Edmonton. The “Big E” is a clean, green, affordable city you can be proud to call home.

Here are some of the factors that make moving to Edmonton a great choice.

1. Friendly Atmosphere

Friendliness is one of this locale’s outstanding characteristics. Unlike the vibe of some other major Canadian cities, Edmonton has a slower-paced, community-oriented feeling. The friendly local folks are welcoming to newcomers and visitors. This upbeat attitude will go a long way to help you settle in and make new friends after moving to Edmonton.

Whether you’re living in the city centre or in a suburb outside of the downtown area, the people around you play a huge role in making new residents feel at home.

2. Festival City of Canada

Edmonton truly deserves the nickname “Canada’s Festival City,” as it plays host to a huge number of festivals. Mainly centred in the Arts District downtown, over fifty festivals a year provide a variety of exciting experiences, spotlighting art, drama, folklore, food, holidays, music, spiritual traditions, and more.

The star of the show is the annual mega Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival, the largest and longest-running event of its kind in Canada. Moving to Edmonton will mean you’ll always have something to check out, no matter what time of year it is.

3. Sports Galore

Edmontonians are justly proud of their three major sports teams — in the fields of football, hockey, and soccer – as well as another half-dozen amateur and junior sports clubs. If you prefer playing rather than watching, choose from a plethora of sports activities… outdoor, indoor, on the ground or on ice, and geared toward all ages and levels of skill.

Moving to Edmonton doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have to cheer for the Oilers when they make the playoffs, of course…but the excitement and thrill of the city is hard to resist.

4. West Edmonton Mall

No description of the “up” side of Edmonton life would be complete without a mention of the West Edmonton Mall. Though it’s famed as the largest shopping complex in North America (covering 5.3 million square feet!), its excellent shopping is just part of the story.

The Mall is a destination in itself, and you could easily spend a whole vacation there, enjoying family friendly attractions like a mammoth underground aquarium and a year-round tropical water park. To wind up your day, there’s a host of dining options and even two hotels onsite.

If West Edmonton Mall isn’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other great places to explore. Right in the heart of the city center sits the Royal Alberta Museum, as well as plenty of art galleries and shops. You can also step back in time with a visit to Fort Edmonton Park.

5. Green Space

For those who enjoy a bit of fresh air, Edmonton is attractively located in a lush river valley—the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America!

New York City’s Central Park has nothing on river valley in Edmonton. The North Saskatchewan River runs right through the city, with plenty of trails of all kinds to explore. In addition, an impressive network of open spaces and parks, planned with the aim of protecting the natural environment, helps keep the capital green.

A short drive away to the east is Elk Island National Park, where you can see bison up close and personal. To the west lies Jasper, which is a bit like a quieter version of Banff, with all the mountain activities you can dream of doing.

6. Great Job Opportunities

A huge part of the population living in Edmonton have moved there for work, and there’s a good reason!

The city offers plenty of job opportunities, with tons of large corporations and businesses headquartered in the second largest city in Alberta. Edmonton serves as a hub for blue-collar workers in the oil and gas industry who do shift work in northern Alberta.

As the capital city, there’s also plenty of government jobs as well. Not to mention jobs at some of the major corporations that have set up shop in this great city, like ATB, Telus, Canadian Western Union, Bioware, and much more.

If you’re looking for speedy office movers, Edmonton is your destination!

7. Diversity

Many immigrants and visible minorities have made Edmonton their home, and it’s an ideal place to live for those who appreciate different backgrounds and cultures. In addition to all the amenities offered by a big city, Edmonton has a great variety of organizations and events that celebrate the city’s diverse culture.

The Cons of Moving to Edmonton

Now let’s balance that positive report with a few negatives about moving to Edmonton.

1. Weather

As a northern city, you’ll need to brace yourself for cold winters that may seem to go on forever. Snowfall is relatively light, though, compared with many other Canadian cities (Edmonton averages 123.5 centimetres of snow per year vs. Montreal’s 209 cm.).

In general, Edmonton weather is known as extremely unpredictable. But if you’re used to the highs and lows of Canadian weather, moving to Edmonton shouldn’t be too jarring.

2. Poor Infrastructure

Those long harsh winters take their toll on local roads, leaving cracks and potholes in their wake. During the relatively short summers, Edmonton city streets often seem to be “under construction” semi-permanently.

Motorists feel this as a major inconvenience because, although Edmonton’s population is not huge, the city is geographically spread out and you tend to end up driving long distances to work or social activities. Fortunately, public transportation has begun to improve in recent years, with an expanding light rail system, as well as bus lines which connect the entire city.

3. Crime

Edmonton’s crime severity index (an annual measure of number and severity of crimes reported to the police) was the second highest in Canada for 2017, over 37% higher than Calgary, its neighbour to the south. Before that fact makes you think twice about moving to Edmonton, consider the context. Most local crimes are gang and drug-related, and do not target the general public.

4. Community Distance

If you’re a young professional who’s on the hunt for a one-bedroom apartment in the downtown core, you’re likely to have access to all the amenities of this beautiful city. But for young families that need more space, access to excellent schools, and a quieter pace of life, you’re likely going to find a place to live in one of the suburbs.

Whether you choose an older, established neighbourhood, or one that’s newly built, the fact is that you’ll need a car to get around anywhere. The communities are quite spread out, and moving between them, or getting to work in downtown Edmonton, isn’t always the easiest.

5. Cost of Living

And you thought the cost of moving was expensive? Something to consider before moving to Edmonton is the cost of living. While not nearly as high as other major Canadian cities like Vancouver or Toronto, young professionals in Edmonton still have a relatively high average median salary.

Is this your first time moving to the province of Alberta? Despite the fact that Alberta has no provincial sales tax, the high median income means that insurance, housing, electricity, and transportation costs will add up much quicker than if you lived in a smaller city or town.

Should You Move to Edmonton?

It’s all about your priorities. If you like the idea of a green, friendly, active city, Edmonton could be the perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you hate winter and are phased by the thought of crime and long hours getting from place to place, you might see Edmonton as less than ideal.

But if you’ve got an interesting job offer or you’re interested in attending one of Edmonton’s many post-secondary institutions, like the University of Alberta or the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, why not give moving to Edmonton a try? Chances are you’ll end up proud to call Edmonton home.

Moving from Ottawa to Edmonton will be a grand adventure, but any long distance relocation can be stressful. Cassidy’s will be there to transport your belongings in our moving trucks, so you can get from Ottawa to Edmonton without worries. 

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