How Our Ottawa Moving Services Work

It all starts when you contact us for your free moving estimate.

  1. You complete the free estimate form.
  2. A moving consultant calls to review your move requirements.
  3. You receive an estimate and we’ll take care of the rest!

“Having moved 6 times in 12 years, we’ve had plenty of recent experience with moving companies. Cassidy’s outdid every other mover.”

Diana Wolfe, Ottawa

How Cassidy’s Gives You a Better Ottawa Moving Experience

Bonded Ottawa movers supervised by team leaders with 10 – 15+ years’ experience.
Trusted and Accountable
Moving Since 1908
Originally established in 1908, Cassidy’s Moving and Storage is now known as the friendliest and most reliable mover in the Ottawa Valley.
Complete Coverage
Full valuation protection that even covers damage to your home if needed (for an additional cost).
We Respect Your Home
We protect your floors with floor runners and blankets.
We Arrive Prepared
Free use of high-quality boxes and blankets are included with our full packing services. We also include free mattress bags and furniture wrap to help make the moving experience smoother.

“I really appreciated that 3 guys showed up for the move instead of only 2 that many standard moving companies provide. This helped to facilitate a smoother (and much faster!) move.”

Karalee B., Ottawa

Our Ottawa and Ottawa Valley Moving Area

We have one of Ottawa’s largest service areas for local moves – servicing the Ottawa area (Kanata, Barrhaven, Stittsville etc) and the Ottawa Valley (Pembroke etc.). For everything shaded on the map, our local rates apply. If you’re moving long distance, we have additional information just for you.

If your town is in this area but not on the list below, it’s probably still a local move.

List of Towns We Will Move

Our Moving Estimate Process

We believe in accurate quotes, and to provide these, we visit your home, confirm the amount of belongings you have, and then give you a written estimate.

The final cost of your move will be within 10% of the estimate. See the conditions for details.

The next step is to get your handy dandy moving checklist ready and get to packing.

Ottawa Moving FAQs

How Much Should a Local Ottawa Move Cost?

Does moving cost an arm and a leg? The quick answer is no!

When you work with moving professionals, your move is more affordable, saving you money and time. If you’re moving within Ottawa, there are three types of things that will affect how much it costs to hire movers: storage, packing, and amount of belongings.

Other factors that will affect the cost of your local move include which season it is when you move, the number of movers required for your move, the time it takes and the travel time to your new home. Read our pricing guide for local moves to learn more.

What Does a “Local Ottawa Move” Mean?

So, what’s considered a “local move”? Any change in residence within your current city or within a 100-mile radius is considered a local move.

At Cassidy’s, the cost for a local move is calculated by adding a number of movers plus the total number of hours needed for your move. Any packing costs are extra. Not only can our team of professional movers get you packed and moved, but we also have all kinds of moving day planning resources available, too.

What Makes a Good Local Ottawa Moving Company?

You’ve got to ask the right questions when hiring movers. There are many scam movers who aren’t honest about their pricing and might not have the experience to move your belongings safely.

If a moving company requests a large deposit upfront, beware that they may disappear once you pay it. Or, they show up on moving day and demand a surprise fee when your belongings are packed in their truck.

To avoid being scammed, you want to make sure the company is Industry Affiliated with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). Next, always check that the moving company is accredited with the better business bureau.

Do you offer moving insurance?

Yes – it’s called valuation protection, and it’s exactly the same as insurance. There are different levels depending on what you need.

Here’s a bit about how it works.

Everything we pack, plus all furniture, is covered. Please note that all fragile furniture must be packed or they travel at your risk. This includes things like dresser mirrors, freestanding mirrors, plate glass table tops and flat screen TVs. Talk to your Cassidy’s representative for the full list.

The full replacement replacement value of anything damaged in the move is covered. If you have any items that are over $5,000 in value they need to have a bill of sale or an official appraisal in order to be covered for the full amount.

Any damage to your home is also covered.

The cost of valuation protection depends on the size of your home.

I own something that is absolutely 100% irreplaceable. Can you guarantee it will arrive safely?

There are a lot of options depending on how fragile the item is, how valuable it is and exactly what it takes to make sure it arrives safely. Please let us know what the exact item is and we can let you know what the options are.

Do you do Saturday moves?

Yes, but we generally need to pay our moving team time and a half for overtime. In the high season (March to September) this is a sure thing, but if you’re moving in the winter and you pick a week we’re not fully booked, we may not need to pay overtime.

We try and provide a good working environment for our movers so the experienced, efficient-but-careful ones will stay with us for their entire career. If someone’s been lifting heavy boxes all week, we feel it’s only fair to compensate them fairly for extra hours.

Is there anything you can’t move to my new home?

Yes. Please see our hazardous materials post for a comprehensive list of items we don’t include in our normal residential moving service. You’ll notice that aerosol cans or pressurized gasses of any kind are right at the top of the list.

If you need it, we do have a specialized hazardous materials moving service, but that’s generally meant for commercial freight. Most people would not be prepared to do the paperwork on moving nuclear materials or explosives!

How do you charge for your local moving services?

Local moves are based on an hourly rate. We provide you with an estimate after viewing your home and its contents. Packing costs are based on materials used. We’re generally very close to our estimates, but variables like weather, how far away from your door items are, or if your entryway is awkward and we have to be more careful to avoid damaging larger furniture items.

You can make moves go faster by taking furniture apart yourself, or getting any boxes you pack close to the entrance of your home. Let your Cassidy’s moving consultant know what your priorities are in terms of controlling costs and you’ll get some more advice on keeping costs lower. We’re happy to help those who want to minimize costs.

If you’re looking for some ballpark numbers, you can read our blog post on how much it costs to move.

Experienced Ottawa Movers Make the Difference

Cassidy’s is one of the oldest moving companies in Ottawa. Founded in 1908, you could definitely say that experience has taught us a lot.

Primarily, it has taught us that packing and moving carefully are skills. We hire honest, bondable workers who care about doing a good job, and we give them training on everything from packing glassware to loading trucks properly.

Our core team of career movers takes personal satisfaction in having everything arrive safely. Many of our movers have been with us for 10 years, 15 years, or even longer.

Every Cassidy’s moving team includes veteran movers. We ensure we always partner newer workers with our experts every time a piece of furniture is picked up and placed in the truck.

Learn more about some of our team members, and the things they do to make Cassidy’s one of the best moving companies in Ottawa. It’s definitely worth hiring movers vs. moving yourself.

How to Choose the Best Local Moving Company in Ottawa

Are They Industry Affiliated?

Before you make that first call or hit “Contact Us,” gather basic info on your mover-to-be. Check whether they’re certified with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). Cassidy’s is!

Membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is another clue you’re dealing with a trustworthy business.

Check With The Better Business Bureau

Check that the moving company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You want a mover that the BBB rates A+, not F! The Bureau publishes consumer complaints, together with actions the moving company has taken to resolve them.

Check Their Reviews

Some of the best reviews are word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends. When browsing online, check unbiased sources like Google, Facebook, and Canada’s own HomeStars. Read enough reviews to get an overall picture of the mover’s performance.

If past customers mention problems, make sure satisfactory solutions were provided. Alternatively, do clients describe features or services they especially liked?

For example, here’s one of Cassidy’s Google Reviews following a local Ottawa move:

Had a great experience with Cassidy’s. We were moving from a 3-bedroom townhouse for a local move.

I really appreciated that 3 guys showed up for the move instead of only 2 that many standard moving companies provide. This helped to facilitate a smoother (and much faster!) move. They were quick, efficient, and professional. You could tell they definitely had a good system. Everything was handled with care, and all of our belongings were well taken care of.

On the customer service side, their representative at the office responded to all my email inquiries and questions beforehand to ease any concerns or worries we had. I would most definitely recommend this company to anyone who is moving.

Protect Yourself From Rogue Movers

Rogue moving companies are a real threat. The Canadian Association of Movers and the Better Business Bureau receive thousands of complaints from folks who’ve been fleeced by these scammers every year.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself against rogue movers. Look out for red flags like:

  • Estimates given over the phone
  • Prices substantially below market rate
  • No written contract — or a blank one!
  • No brick-and-mortar address on their website
  • No GST number or proof of workers’ comp
  • Unmarked moving trucks

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