Secure and Safe – No Matter the Load

We have a great deal of experience with shipments that need to be visible to you and your security staff at all times. We also know how to transport goods that need special handling.This is what we call “Specialized Transportation” and Cassidy’s is an acknowledged world leader in this type of shipping.

We have the people, training, equipment and technology required to perform this special shipping to the exacting standards that are essential. Our security procedures are extensive and are regularly reviewed and updated, and we work with law enforcement in Canada and other countries to ensure the safety and security of your goods and the public.

If you can’t trust your shipment to just any carrier, get in touch with us to find out how exceptional and customized our expert freight shipping service can be. Contact us for more information.

Our Specialized Services Include

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Ammunition and Ordinance
  • Explosives
  • Nuclear Products
  • Classified Shipping
  • Sensitive Electronics
  • Rocketry
  • Cryptography Equipment
  • On Call Emergency Distribution
  • Satellite and Aerospace
  • Highway Route Controlled Shipping
  • Escorted Shipping
  • Military Equipment
  • Firearms
  • Prohibited Devises


Customers who use Cassidy’s for their specialized shipping insist their shipments are treated to the highest level of security and that the information they share with Cassidy’s is protected. Cassidy’s extensive qualifications and comprehensive security policies are designed to give assurance that Cassidy’s treats the security of our specialized customers with the seriousness it demands and deserves. Contact us for more information.

Safety and Compliance Committee

The Safety and Compliance Committee of Cassidy’s is made up of employees from throughout Cassidy’s. This committee reviews security threats on a monthly basis to create, implement and enforce security policies that address a broad range of security topics:

  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Procedural Security
  • Access Controls
  • Education, Training and Awareness
  • Manifest Procedures
  • Conveyance Security
  • Threat Awareness
  • Document Processing and Controls
  • Business Partners and Industry Relationships

Cassidy’s security practices and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and updated or enhanced as events warrant. The Safety and Compliance Committee solicits anonymous submissions from business partners and employees for all security concerns and these, with periodic self assessments are reviewed and corrective actions are taken as required.

All issues, concerns and remedial actions are documented. Some Customers who use Cassidy’s Specialized Transportation services perform audits on our procedures and policies to ensure compliance. This valuable input is used to further enhance our security regime.


Cassidy’s recognizes that the information we possess about our specialized shipments represents a real and potentially grave security concern. It is a concern we take very seriously.

Specialized Shipping customers are encouraged to contact Cassidy’s using This is a highly restricted email address that has enhanced security access controls over our other email addresses.

Access to the highest levels of documentations is restricted to employees with the highest levels of employee classification. Document access is restricted by password protected areas of our operating software and physical copies are secured in a locked file room. Drivers are trained not to discuss their duties and protocols.

Cassidy’s operates under principle of “need-to-know” which directs employees to:

  • Limit your requests for information to that which you have a genuine need-to-know. You may be expected to explain why you need to know it.
  • Refrain from discussing classified information in areas where the discussion may be overheard by persons who do not have a need-to-know the subject of conversation.
  • If someone asks you for classified information, you are expected to ensure they are cleared appropriately and have an official need-to-know.

Employees are guided by our Security Breach Reporting Policy. If an employee fails to observe strict document, information and physical controls, The Safety and Compliance Committee will investigate and, if required, apply employee discipline. Personnel are trained to recognize and report suspicious cargo shipments.