Do-it-Yourself Storage – Residential Shipping Container Rentals

If you are storing for a short time (within our Ottawa/Pembroke service area) and want to do it yourself, Cassidy’s shipping container rentals (also called sea cans or sea containers) are for you. They can be stored at your home or in our secured yard.

If you are moving and there is a delay between your old house and your new one, renting shipping containers vs. buying is a great option. When you are selling your home and need to stage or de-clutter your place, Cassidy’s self-move and store containers are the easy, practical answer. Let us bring the storage to you.

How Shipping Container Rentals Works

Nothing makes moving as easy as renting a container from Cassidy’s. In fact, it’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Order Your Storage Container

Contact us and we deliver a weatherproof shipping container (sea can) to your home or business.

2. Load It Up

You take as long as necessary to load your goods into the shipping container.

3. Relocate

When you are ready, contact us to schedule a delivery to your new location or storage.

Commercial Shipping Container Rentals

We offer 20-foot shipping container (sea can) rentals on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you are looking for multiple metal storage containers for rent, please call 613-836-4225 ext 508.


  • Minimum One Week Rental
  • 20 ft Container

Convenient Inventory Storage

If you need a secure, weatherproof way to store excess or out-of-season inventory, look no further than Cassidy’s Shipping Containers.

Using our 20-foot commercial sea cans will give you these advantages:

  • Keep seasonal inventory organized and out of the way – that means your warehouse space can be used for inventory that’s ready to go on the shelves and earn you money.
  • Inventory remains on your property so restock turnaround time is reduced.
  • Inventory remains accessible while in storage – just in case.
  • Saves on costs versus expanding your warehousing space or moving inventory to a central location.

You can view our shipping container specifications below.

Need something a little more permanent? We also have used shipping containers for sale.

Commercial Shipping Container Specifications
Outside Length 19′ 10″
Inside length 19′ 5″
Outside Width 8′
Inside Width 7′ 8″
Outside Height 8′ 5 1/2″
Inside Height 7′ 9 3/4″
Description Lockable, steel, barn door style
Back Door Width 7′ 8″
Back Door Height 7′ 5 1/2″
Forklift Tubes 7 1/2″ wide steel
Opacity Steel
Wheels: None
Floor Wood Floor, marine grade plywood or planking
Cargo Control Tie downs on floor and ceiling
Total Cubic Feet 1,360
Maximum Capacity 20,000 lbs
Construction 14 Gauge Steel

New and Used 20 Ft Shipping Container for Sale

If you need a more long-term inventory storage solution, why not buy a sea can from Cassidy’s?

We have New and Used shipping containers available for purchase. These commercial-grade shipping containers all have wood floors inside for safe traction when loading and unloading. Our lockable Shipping Containers are wind and water tight to keep your inventory safe.

Our shipping container prices will vary with container condition, colours and grades. A convenient shipping container delivery service is available as well.

Shipping Container Specifications:

  • Inside length is 19′ 5″
  • Inside height is 7′ 9 3/4″
  • 1360 cubic feet
  • 20,000 lbs capacity
  • 5290 lbs tare weight

Current Inventory

  • 20 Foot Used Overseas Shipping Container For Sale
    Call for Latest Pricing on Used Containers
  • New 20 Foot Overseas Shipping Container For Sale
    Brand New – for years of worry-free use! Call for Latest Pricing

Shipping Container FAQs

Here are some questions we are commonly asked about Cassidy’s Shipping Containers.

Will my house fit into one shipping container?

Cassidy’s Shipping Containers are the largest on the market and equal in size to a large rental truck. Our 20’ containers will hold a maximum of 20,000 lbs which should hold the contents of a 2,000 sq.ft. home (often including most of the garage, basement and any outdoor equipment and furniture).

Don’t forget, more than one container can be used if you need the room. If you have a lot of belongings, you may want to contact us to be sure.

What are the shipping containers made of?

Cassidy’s Shipping Containers are superior to any other moving container on the market – including PODs.

  • A heavy galvanized steel frame supports 3/8” think FRP walls.
  • The walls have eight flush mounted D rings (to secure your items) manufactured right in.
  • Thick “I” beams and cross members support a marine grade plywood floor.
  • The steel roof is supported by cross members.

Look at our competitor’s containers and look at ours – then decide what is best for your possessions.

Where do I store my shipping container?

It’s up to you. You can keep the container at your residence if you wish, or you can have your container moved to one of the secure compounds. You can access your Shipping Containers in our yard during normal business hours with 24 hours notice.

How long can I store in the container?

We recommend storage in a container for relatively short periods. Less than three months is a good guildeline. The Shipping Containers are not climate controlled, and so are susceptible to condensation that naturally occurs when the temperature changes. For long term storage, Cassidy’s offers indoor, temperature-controlled storage.

How do I pay?

You can pay using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express. You’ll be charged for the initial services when the Shipping Containers is delivered to your residence. If storage is required for more than one month, your credit card will be charged for each additional month. Any other services will be charged when they are performed.

Do you offer insurance for my belongings?

You are responsible to ensure your belongings are safely packed and secured with your own lock, just like if you rented a truck. Often your homeowner’s policy will provide coverage. We recommend that you check with your insurance provider.

I am moving a long distance. Can I use Cassidy’s Self Store and Move Containers?

Cassidy’s Self Store and Move Containers must stay in Ottawa and the Upper Ottawa Valley. If you are moving just outside the areas we serve, it may be possible to arrange for service with an additional mileage charge.

Cassidy’s is partnered with United Van Lines that has a program called FlexibleMove. This innovative program delivers containers to your double door for you to load and then delivers them to your new city, anywhere in Canada for you to unload.

What is your refund policy for Shipping Containers?

When making a booking for self storage shipping containers, please beware that all sales are final.

You may cancel your order two days prior to delivery for a full refund.

What are your terms and conditions?

While Cassidy’s has designed the Shipping
Containers and the related delivery service to be as easy and convenient as possible, you as the renter need to be aware of your responsibilities.

General Terms

  • My property is stored at my sole risk and I am required to insure my personal property for its full value against all risks. Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage LTD, its members, partners and affiliates are not responsible for loss or damage to my stored goods.
  • I understand that the dates provided for container delivery are my choices and are not confirmed.
  • The fee charged online is the basic fee for container delivery and pickup. The full charge will be different from this and will be known after confirmation with Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage LTD.

Unit Information

  • All unit sizes are approximate.
  • Facility features vary by location. Customers should contact Cassidy’s to confirm details of the container
  • All specials displayed or otherwise advertised are based upon unit availability and unit size.

Shipping Container Delivery Area

We deliver our Cassidy’s Shipping Containers to any place in Ottawa and the Upper Ottawa Valley area for the same low price. No one covers the Ottawa Valley like Cassidy’s Self Store and Move! If your town is in the Upper Ottawa Valley but not on this list, Cassidy’s can probably still deliver a container to your facility. Please contact us if you are not sure.

List of Towns We Will Deliver Containers to
  • Ottawa
  • Kanata
  • Stittsville
  • Gloucester
  • Nepean
  • Barrhaven
  • Orleans
  • Arnprior
  • Renfrew
  • Cobden
  • Beachburg
  • Pembroke
  • Petawawa
  • Chalk River
  • Deep River
  • Rankin
  • Golden Lake
  • Kilaloe
  • Wilno
  • Brudenell
  • Eganville
  • Dacre
  • White Lake
  • Calabogie
  • Pakenham
  • Almonte
  • Carleton Place
  • Kars
  • Metcalfe
  • Vernon
  • Winchester
  • Embrun
  • Russell
  • Navan
  • Angers
  • Rockland
  • Pendleton
  • Lake Park
  • Foymount
  • Nicabeau
  • Waltham
  • Vinton
  • Campbell’s Bay
  • Lawn
  • Shawville
  • Onslow Corners
  • Quyon
  • Cantley
  • Buckingham

Other Storage Solutions

Cassidy’s has all the storage solutions businesses large and small.

Large bulky items can be securely stored in one of our fenced compounds. We have dedicated commercial warehouses where items can be stored by the skid or sq.ft.

Whether you want to store one skid or tractor trailer loads of manufactured goods, inventory items, surpluses of all kinds, special project goods, store fixtures, office furniture, even dangerous goods, we store it all safely and securely.

We even offer an online inventory that gives you access to the latest warehouse information anytime, anywhere. It’s like having your own warehouse and staff. For the contractor doing renovations or in need of an on site storage container, we have what you need. If you are a retailer who needs temporary storage for seasonal sales times like Christmas, many stores find Cassidy’s self move and store containers to be perfect.

Need movers? Get a no obligation quote today.