Cassidy’s provides fast, secure and reliable freight shipping across the Canada/United States border.

If you are shipping between Canada and the US it is important the carrier you use is experienced and qualified. Cassidy’s has decades of experience in cross border shipping. In fact when the Canadian and US border agencies were looking for help in setting up their automated manifest programs, they came to Cassidy’s for input and testing.

Our Accreditations


The Free and Secure Trade (FAST) program is a joint Canada–United States initiative involving the Canada Border Services Agency and the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). FAST supports moving pre-approved eligible goods across the border quickly and verifying trade compliance away from the border. It is a commercial process offered to pre-approved importers, carriers, and registered drivers. Shipments for approved companies, transported by approved carriers using registered drivers, will be cleared into either country with greater speed and certainty, and at a reduced cost of compliance.


Cassidy’s has been C-TPAT certified since December 22, 2005. This company certification places Cassidy’s in a group of preferred carriers to enter the United States. The strict guidelines that were laid out by U.S. Customs had to be documented, implemented and inspected prior to the certification and continued validation of the programs membership.


This program is the Canadian version of the U.S. CT-PAT program. As a carrier Cassidy’s has to apply to Canada Customs to become an approved carrier to expedite shipments into Canada and reduce border wait times.


As part of the requirements set forth by both Canada and U.S. Customs, Cassidy’s was required to adopt and implement an “International Seal Program” that will establish security procedures that will restrict access to conveyances and prevent the lading or unlading of contraband while en route from facilities in Canada/U.S. to locations in the U.S./Canada.

A.C.E. E-manifest United States Program

A.C.E. is the electronic filing of manifests, thereby providing carriers with increased efficiency through reduced processing time and online tracking status of trips. Electronic truck manifests that are sent to U.S. Customs prior to a truck’s arrival at a United States land border crossing, enables U.S. Customs to pre-screen crew, conveyance, equipment and shipment information before the truck arrives at the border, and potentially resulting in a faster release. A.C.E. allows truck carriers to submit an automated manifest (e-Manifest) to U.S. Customs using either the A.C.E Secure Data Portal or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). When a truck approaches the primary booth, the e-Manifest is automatically retrieved along with the matching pre-filed entries, in-bond requests and other release declarations for CBP to view and process.

Cassidy’s has been submitting A.C.E. E-manifests via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) since August 2006. Our ability to integrate the A.C.E. requirements into our dispatch software has provided Cassidy’s the ability to submit E-manifests in a timely and accurate manner. This has reduced driver wait time and unnecessary border delays.


Cassidy’s has offered and has been selected to participate in a developmental relationship with Canada Border and Services Agency to design, develop and test the Canadian version of A.C.E. E-manifest program. 

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