Moving can be tough on you as an adult. It can be even tougher on your kids. According to Parents Magazine, relocation to a new home may have a negative impact on children’s emotions, behaviour, and social skills.

The good news is that careful planning and an upbeat attitude on your part will go a long way to helping your youngsters relax and maybe even look forward to the move. Not sure how to accomplish this? We make it easy for you with this suggestion-packed guide.

1. Communication Is Key

Never spring an upcoming move, whether local or long distance, on your children. Rather, introduce them to the idea gradually, just as you would an unfamiliar food. Feed them bitesize bits of information about aspects of the move that most concern them.

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For example, where will your kids sleep in the new house? Where will their toys “live”? Is there a yard to play in? What’s the new neighbourhood like, from a toddler’s perspective? Mention something they can look forward to — perhaps “There’s a pond where we’ll watch the ducks together.”

Relevant stories like The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day will encourage sharing questions and feelings.

2. Plan Your Move Ahead Of Time

Planning is a big part of most successful moves… and never more than when you’re moving with young kids. Advance prep (assisted by a handy moving checklist) offers benefits galore — reducing stress, ensuring nothing’s forgotten, and allowing you quality time with your family, even in the midst of all your busy work. Do involve the children in the planning process so they know what to expect as Moving Day draws near. HELPFUL HINT: assign everyone a few tasks of their own.

3. Hire Trusted And Friendly Movers

Ideally, you’ll send your bambinos to a babysitter so they’ll be out of the way while the movers are in your home. But mistakes and schedule changes are a part of many a move, so anticipate the unexpected. One excellent way to do so is by hiring only trusted, friendly expert movers who will do a fine job and be safe around your kids.

4. Don’t Deviate From Routine

Little ones thrive on routine, especially when the world around them seems extra unpredictable — like during a move. Regular mealtimes, naptimes, and bedtimes not only provide a sense of security, but they also help prevent a meltdown. PS. Healthy meals and decent amounts of sleep will also keep grownups on an even keel throughout this demanding period.

5. Visit the New Location Before Your Move

Unless you’re embarking on a long-distance or international move, bring your kiddies to see the new home while you’re still comfortably ensconced in the old one. When you’re making a local move, you can visit other important locations around your new home, too — their new daycare or school, as well as the local library, grocery store, and community centres. If you’re hiring Ottawa to Toronto movers or other long distance moving companies, show them pictures of these special places instead.

6. Pack Children’s Room Last

Keep the children’s room intact up until the last possible moment. They’ll find it very calming, having a familiar haven where they can retreat. And once their furniture, toys, and other belongings have been packed, ask the movers to load those last. That means the kid’s possessions will be first to come off the truck at your new address.

7. Pack A Moving Day Survival Kit

A moving day survival kit generally contains essentials like box cutters or coffee makers. But to a child’s eyes, what could be more important than their favourite toy or blanket? Of course, you will want to include practical items like diapers, wipes, bibs, pyjamas, and children’s medication, so you’ll have them close at hand as necessary.

8. Be Patient & Positive On Moving Day

Blow off the minor annoyances Moving Day might bring… and don’t forget to breathe. Remember that the new house, new job, or new province that you moved to is all a GOOD thing. Stay positive and patient, even when your kids are extra demanding, and they will be likely to mirror your attitude.

A Great Move For You And Your Kids

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