Our Freight Services Include

General Freight
Our secure, weatherproof trucks haul most goods our customers want to ship.
Flatbed Trailers
For larger loads like vehicles that won’t fit in our trucks.
Intermodal Shipping
The Transformer of the shipping world means you can quickly move from truck to rail to ship.
Temperature Controlled Shipping
If it’s got to be kept cold or warm, we ship it in our insulated containers.
Specialized Transportation
For highly sensitive or potentially dangerous materials.
Less Than Truckload (LTL)
We do multiple runs of less than full truckloads to Toronto daily and elsewhere as required.
Commercial Storage
We have 80,000 sq feet of temperature controlled warehouse space, and even more secure storage outside.

Additional Freight Services

  • Haz-Mat Freight
  • Blanket Wrap Freight
  • High Cube Freight
  • High Security Freight
  • Inside Delivery Freight
  • Tailgate Delivery Freight
  • Expedited Delivery Freight
  • Freight Broker Services
  • In-house and Office Relocations
  • Just-in-time Shipping
  • Online Inventory Management
  • Online Shipment Tracking
  • Class 7 Shipping
  • Team Driver Shipping
  • Store Fixture Shipping
  • Straight Truck Shipping
  • Overseas Container Stuff and De-stuff
  • Corporate and Residential Relocation Services
  • Decking, Bracing and Crating Services
  • Third Party Warehouse Management
  • Container Sales and Rentals

Our Accreditations

Freight Areas Served

Cassidy’s will ship anything anywhere in the world. We go beyond the common freight lanes, even places where other carriers will not go. We even ship anywhere in the world. Our extensive in-house fleet of specially licensed and certified drivers are dedicated to making sure your goods arrive safely.

  • Across Canada: If your freight needs to get to Toronto, Montréal or beyond, our fleet will take it anywhere in Canada.
  • To the USA: We go to all states in the USA, and can advise you on fast, no-nonsense border crossings
  • Worldwide: Through our inter-modal shipping services, no matter where it needs to go, we’ll ensure it gets there safely.

Do you wonder if your carrier can take your shipment to a new area? Do you have multiple carriers shipping to different locations? Let Cassidy’s look after your shipping and you don’t have to worry about where it’s going. You may even be able to find significant time and cost savings.

General Freight

Cassidy’s operates over 200 dry vans designed to handle most general freight. These versatile trailers haul the vast majority of freight shipped on the road. 53’ long, lightweight and strong, if your goods can fit in the door, we will generally ship it in these units.

Cassidy’s Equipment Replacement Policy allows for a constant replacement of these versatile units ensuring our customers have a secure, weather tight method of shipping.

Flatbed Trailers

If your freight shipment cannot fit in a dry van, chances are that it will fit on one of Cassidy’s many flatbeds.

Some of varieties we have in our fleet are:

  • Tandem air ride flatbeds. The dual axles provide more support for heavier loads and more braking power (for every wheel there is also an additional brake). Air Ride suspension uses pumped air to cushion the load – while air does compress, it still provides greater cushioning over bumps in the road.
  • Step deck flatbeds. A step deck flatbed has the main platform for the load on a dropped level. This provides greater stability for taller loads.
  • Double drop removable gooseneck flatbeds. These have a lowered level between the sets of wheels, and a removable “gooseneck” at the front that allows the trailer to be loaded via a ramp. These types of flatbeds are perfect for hauling equipment or loads that are both tall and long.
  • Intermodal container chassis. This is a framework on wheels, without a “bed”. These are used to haul shipping containers, as it built so that containers can be loaded and removed as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Rack and tarp flatbeds. This is a flatbed with a framework on the front, sides, and (usually) the back as well. Once the cargo is loaded, a tarp is secured over the top, mostly to reduce air resistance but also to protect the cargo from weather.
  • Multi-axle flatbeds. For extra heavy loads, sometimes three, four or even six axles are needed on part of the trailer to support the load.

From large equipment to vehicles, these trailers are ready to complete all your flatbed shipping requirements.

Just Tell Us What You Need to Transport, and We’ll Do the Rest

You don’t need to be able to ask for a specific kind of trailer. Just tell us what the load is, how large it is and where it needs to go. We’ll walk you through our specific recommendations for everything else.

Inter-modal Shipping

When you pack goods in a shipping container and move the same container using different transportation systems, you’re doing intermodal shipping.

Why go intermodal? By moving the container utilizing the railways, ocean shipping lines and road carriers, great efficiency can be achieved. Instead of having to move individual skids, the whole container just gets lifter from one system to the next. It’s very time saving, and ends up costing less.

Containerized shipping is an increasingly popular way of transporting freight, and so is intermodal shipping.

Temperature Controlled Shipping

Is your shipment sensitive to temperature variations? Cassidy’s can help with our special temperature-controlled shipping trailers.

On the road, your shipment may be exposed to all kinds of extremes. It may be summer on the flatlands but it might be winter in the mountains. Strong sunshine can mean the interior of a regular transport trailer is boiling hot. Weather can change at a moment’s notice.
Sometimes other less experienced shippers aren’t aware of the temperature variations that can be found on a long journey. If your goods are sensitive, trust the shipping experts at Cassidy’s to make sure nothing is left to chance. For over 100 years we’ve been making sure that goods arrive in the same condition as when they were loaded.

With our refrigerated and heated trailers, we can ship anything from perishable goods to sensitive electronics. If you need temperature controlled shipping or if you are not sure you do, request a freight quote and we can advise you on the best way of handling your shipment.

Less Than Truckload (Ltl)

LTL is an acronym for a shipment that is less than a truckload. This means a shipment that does not require a full 53-foot trailer. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way to deal with smaller loads, but not many carriers offer this service.

We are one of the most experienced and accredited shippers for transporting goods across the Canada-US border.

LTL Service Area

Cassidy’s offers LTL service to our entire North American coverage area using our own extensive fleet of dry vans. For some Canadian and international shipping we work through one of our trusted partners.

Cassidy’s offers an especially useful LTL service to businesses in Ottawa, the surrounding area and the Upper Ottawa Valley.

Daily Deliveries From Toronto and Ottawa

Every day Cassidy’s picks up LTL shipments from around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for next day delivery to the Ottawa Valley. Of course, next day delivery to the GTA from the Ottawa valley is also available.

The convenient, cost effective and practical service is used by many businesses that need quick reliable service and are not well served by other carriers.

Call us to arrange for a pick-up and delivery

Freight Shipping Transport Services

Cassidy’s operates an extensive variety of equipment and offers a wide variety of services capable of handling most over the road freight requirements. In today’s fast moving and demanding world, you need a company that has the people, equipment and services you need to get your goods shipped safely and dependably. Cassidy’s does it all and has been providing quality freight services for decades.