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Our Victoria Long Distance Moving Services

Established in the town of Pembroke, Ontario in 1908, Cassidy’s Moving & Storage has seen it all. In addition to countless residential and corporate moves, we’ve moved tractors, cranes, cars, entire military regiments, medical isotopes, and even Prime Ministers. 

We take great care to avoid damage to any object, furniture, or belongings while packing up and relocating. As a moving company with a long history of safely transporting a wide variety of loads, you can be assured that your belongings will be safe, whether you’re long distance moving to your new home on Vancouver Island, or putting your business away for storage. 

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Cassidy’s is a long standing and respected member of the moving industry. We strive to uphold the very best in service, standards, and care no matter how far you’re moving.

We are members of and/or accredited by the following organizations:

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Pros & Cons of Moving to Victoria

Pros of Living in Victoria, BC

Victoria is certainly an incredible place to live! Tucked away from the hustle of the mainland on Vancouver Island, the capital of British Columbia is a city that boasts natural beauty, cultural richness, and a walkable, family-friendly atmosphere.

Mild weather

Like most of Vancouver Island, Victoria is known for its mild, temperate climate. Winters are relatively warm compared to the rest of Canada, with very little snowfall. Summers are warm but not excessively hot thanks to the cool ocean breeze. This means the city is quite comfortable year-round, and is ideal for those who prefer their weather with a little less extremes.

Beautiful outdoor recreation

Victoria, BC is surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and the pleasant weather allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year, from hiking and cycling to kayaking and golfing. 

If you’re moving here from Ottawa, you’ll be treated to an incredible array of landscapes, from ocean views, lush rainforests, and soaring mountainscapes. The city itself offers plenty in the way of parks, gardens, and beaches, such as Beacon Hill Park and Butchart Gardens.

Cultural richness and great arts scene

As the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest, Victoria, BC has an incredible cultural heritage and tons of history and art to share. Rooted in Indigenous culture, as well as British and Asian traditions, the influences of the past echo throughout the city.

In your new town, you can expect to explore a wide array of amazing architecture, heritage sites, museums, galleries, and markets. The Royal BC Museum, Mark Loria Gallery, BC Aviation Museum, and Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site are just some of the places to check out after you’ve settled in your new home.

There are plenty of festivals and events throughout the year, including the Victoria Symphony Splash, the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, and JazzFest.

Education Opportunities

If you’re relocating to Victoria, BC with kids in tow, you’ll be pleased to know that the city has some excellent education institutes, from grade school all the way to post-secondary levels. The city is home to the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University, and Camosun College.

Fruitful job market

Victoria has a diverse economy, and though it’s a smaller city, it hosts many different industries. As the capital city of BC, you’ll be in close proximity to one government office or another, and if you’re moving from Ottawa to Victoria you’ll know all about living in a government town. Additionally, the thriving tourism industry offers various positions in hospitality and services. 

Family-friendly city

Victoria, BC is one of the friendliest cities in Canada, with a small-town feel that will make anyone feel like home. The community-oriented atmosphere and low crime rates contribute to a safe location to relocate to, and you’ll no doubt be amongst friends shortly after you arrive in BC. 

The city also provides excellent amenities for families, including numerous parks, recreational facilities, and family-friendly events.

Cons of Living in Victoria

With any move across the country, it’s important to consider all aspects of your potential new residence. Before you leave your current city and hire Ottawa movers to take your belongings across the country, let’s take a look at some of the challenges you might face with a move to Vancouver Island.

High cost of living

Like most of BC, Victoria has a high cost of living, particularly when it comes to groceries, dining out, and other everyday expenses. The cost of goods and services can be significantly higher compared to other Canadian cities, which can strain budgets.

Utility bills, such as electricity, water, and internet, can also be more expensive in Victoria. Additionally, the cost of healthcare services not covered by public health insurance can add to the financial burden.

Island accessibility

Being on Vancouver Island, Victoria’s accessibility is somewhat limited. While in the city, you have access to BC Transit (Victoria Regional Transit System), travel to and from the mainland requires taking a ferry or a flight, which can be time-consuming and costly.

This geographic isolation can be inconvenient for those who need to travel frequently for work or personal reasons. It can also lead to delays in receiving goods and services from the mainland.

Rainfall and gray days

While Victoria has mild temperatures, it also experiences a significant amount of rainfall and overcast days, particularly in the fall and winter months. The persistent gray skies can affect mood and energy levels. The lack of sunlight during the rainy season can contribute to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for some residents. If you’re moving from Ottawa to Victoria, the overcast skies are something you’ll need some time adjusting to.

Bad traffic

As a small island city that’s bounded by the ocean, traffic congestion can be an issue, especially during peak hours. The city’s road infrastructure can struggle to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles, leading to delays and longer commute times. While you could opt for a monthly pass with BC Transit for your commute, the transit system is not as extensive or efficient as those in larger metropolitan areas such as Toronto or Ottawa. This can make commuting challenging for those without a personal vehicle.

Pricey real estate

As is the case almost everywhere in BC, real estate in Victoria is expensive, with property prices and rental rates being among the highest in Canada. This can make it difficult for individuals and families to find affordable housing.

The competitive housing market means that prospective buyers and renters often face bidding wars and limited availability, making it harder to secure desirable properties. Of course, if you’re relocating from Ontario, BC’s competitive real estate market is nothing new!

Tourist crowds

Victoria is a popular tourist destination, attracting large numbers of visitors, especially during the summer months. This can lead to crowded public spaces, long lines at attractions, and increased traffic. The influx of tourists can impact your daily life, making it more challenging to enjoy local amenities and services. 

Should You Move to Victoria, BC?

Moving from Ottawa to Victoria has plenty of benefits and challenges. If you’re looking for a beautiful city with a small-town feel that offers plenty of outdoor recreation, and if you can handle a high cost of living and don’t mind dealing with tourists, then Victoria might be right for you.

If you do decide on relocating to Victoria, call in professional movers for help. A long-distance move across Canada is best left to the experts, and Cassidy’s is here to help with all of the moving services you need. 

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