Leaving Ottawa to move far away can be a stressful nightmare or an exciting opportunity. What will tip the scales in favour of excitement?

Recognize that moving long distances is much more complex than simply relocating to another Ottawa neighbourhood. With that fact firmly in mind, organize and prepare to make your cross-Canada move a low-stress success. The following tips from our Clarence-Rockland moving experts will help.


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Start Planning Early

Early planning is key.

When you start planning your long-distance move well in advance, you take off so much pressure. You allow yourself time to find a home you love, control over what you’ll be moving to (more about this in the “Declutter” section), choice of long-distance moving companies … the list goes on and on.

Avoid Moving During The Summer

If possible, try to avoid moving during the summer months — June through September. Because our Canadian summers are so short, that’s when movers are in the greatest demand. Buck the trend and book your move for the off-season to get lower rates.

Even if you have less flexibility in picking your moving date, at least schedule the big day for a weekday. Movers will be more available… as well as condo elevators and parking spots for moving vans.

Choose Trusted Movers

Speaking of movers, never underestimate the power of a great team of reliable movers to make your move successful.

Of course, as a smart consumer, you will want to get moving quotes from several reliable companies who’ve racked up solid experience handling long-distance moves.

How do you pick a trusted moving company? It’s actually quite simple (especially since you’re planning in advance, remember?). Check their professional affiliations, Better Business Bureau ranking, and Google reviews. Make sure quotes are detailed, based on an in-person or virtual assessment of all your belongings. Be suspicious of anyone whose quote sounds exceptionally low (if it seems too good to be true, it probably is).

Manage Costs

Once you’ve chosen your moving company and received a quote, you can build your budget and manage costs. Include these moving-related expenses:

  • Moving supplies
  • Packing services, if you opt for a full-service move
  • Insurance coverage on your belongings
  • Transportation for your family and any pets. Consider the cost of airfare or if you will be driving, gas, meals, and overnight accommodation en route.
  • Charges to set up utilities and make minor repairs at your new address
  • New furniture and other essentials
  • Tips for your moving crew

Create A Moving Checklist

No doubt, visions of “must-dos” and “must-takes” are already dancing in your head. Now’s the time to write them down and organize them. Use whatever method works for you — from a simple sheet of graph paper to a sophisticated digital spreadsheet — to create your ultimate moving checklist.

This will be where you record every detail that will go into making your move a success. It should include entries ranging from “have utilities hooked up at new home” to “don’t forget our moving day survival kit” — that’s the very personal assortment of necessary, useful, and comforting items that ease the transition to a new residence and a new life.

Learn About The Province You’re Moving To

Oh, Canada! One of our country’s most amazing attributes is how different each province is in geography, climate, and infrastructure. Make sure to know before you go — learn about what to expect from the new province you will be moving to. Here are some popular destination cities and provinces for families moving across Canada from the Ottawa area:

Declutter And Give Away

The motivation to declutter is another arena where moving cross-country can be viewed as an unbeatable opportunity. You see, unlike local moves — which are charged at an hourly rate — the cost to move long distance is calculated as Weight times Distance.

As a result, decluttering and purging your no-longer wanted possessions will save you money on your move. Paring down, giving away, or recycling means your worldly goods will weigh less… and you’ll pay less. You might even earn a little extra cash by selling off your choicest discards at a garage sale!

Arrange Plan For Kids Or Pets

Young children and pets alike have a hard time with the hustle and bustle of movers loading up the truck — they hate having their normal routine disrupted. So as part of your planning ahead, arrange for them to spend the day with a responsible sitter (preferably one they know well and like) offsite. Be sure to send a favourite comfort object along with them — a security blanket or beloved toy is ideal.

Gather Packing Materials

There are 2 ways to gather packing materials for your big move: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way means saving up boxes from deliveries or scrounging the neighbourhood. Problem is, you’ll end up with a collection of odd-sized cartons that won’t fit your stuff quite right — and might not be too clean inside. That’s not to mention all those last-minute shopping trips to pick up moving supplies like packing tape and bubble wrap.

Now for the easy way. To save time and tempers, just order the packing materials you need from Cassidy’s. We have anything and everything to get your stuff packed up safely and conveniently, even awkward items like mirrors or artwork. Just say the word, and we’ll deliver your choice of moving supplies straight to your door. See — isn’t that easy?

Plan Your Packing Strategy

Packing goes so much better when you formulate a well-thought-out strategy. First, find out what not to pack when moving cross-country. Next, plan to pack strategically, organizing items by room (bathroom, parents’ room, and so on) and also by priority (the morning after your long-distance move, you’ll reach for kitchen towels and your coffeemaker before those special-occasion crystal glasses).

Number each packed box and match it to a master list, which specifies the contents. Print out a hard copy for quick reference after you arrive — just in case your devices run out of juice along the way.

Cassidy’s Are Long-Distance Moving Pros

Great movers are an essential part of your cross-country moving plans. Choose Cassidy’s — reliable, professional movers with more than a century’s experience. We’ll make your move a low-stress success.


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