Here’s how to ensure your quoted local Ottawa moving price stays valid.

During the estimation visit by your consultant:

  • Mention which large appliances you’re taking to your new home. Don’t forget the washer and dryer.
  • Point out any antiques or fragile items that will need special packing or extra care.
  • Don’t forget about items in garages, basements or storage lockers.
  • Let us know what the load-in is like at the destination. For example, distance from where the truck can park to the entrance of your home, the number of floors, narrow stairs, etc.

Before moving day:

  • Remember to pack everything you declared you want to pack yourself.
  • Remember to move anything you wanted to move yourself.
  • If you will need a freight elevator, please remember to book it, and have the contact information of the super just in case something goes wrong.
  • Ensure any appliances you want us to move are prepared for transport. This guide to moving electronics and this guide to moving your appliances tells you how.
  • Remember to disassemble beds and other furniture that require it.
  • If you’re getting rid of that old couch or other belongings, please remember to do so before moving day. Unfortunately we can’t detour to the dump or a charity drop off on the way!
  • If you have a workbench or large tool chests, remember they’re often too heavy to move with tools still inside them. Workbenches will need to be disassembled so they can fit through stairways. The tools will need to be removed and packed separately and safely.
  • Similarly, large power tools need to be disassembled and made safe for our movers.
  • Get rid of dangerous household materials like these. While Cassidy’s has a license to transport hazardous items, we’re fairly sure everyday people don’t want to pay for the safety equipment, filing a route plan with the Ministry of Transportation, and a police escort.

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