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4 Advantages of Moving in Winter

Over 4.5 million Canadians move every year, almost all of them between May and September. It’s easy to see why people love a good summer or spring move, especially if you’re doing a DIY move. Would you want to be hauling boxes when the temperature’s sub-zero and the sleet is horizontal? Just the thought of a trail of slush from snowy boots leading across the floors of your new home is enough to make many homeowners have a minor heart attack.

There are a lot of reasons why winter is arguably the best time to move locally and move long distance, however. People on a strict budget will be happy to learn that it’s a lot cheaper. Even buying a home in winter is cheaper.

It all goes back to the law of supply and demand. As Andrew Schrage of Money Crashers puts it, “home sales tend to peak in the summer with prices peaking just before May. Buying in the winter, especially in the coldest months, will usually get you a lower price because sales tend to slow down leaving sellers more willing to negotiate.”

Even in Canada where winter seems to rule everything, you can get a lot out of your winter move.

Advantages of Moving in Winter

Reasons to Move in Winter

1. Lower Moving Costs

Once you’ve found a new home and paid all of the extra expenses, you’re probably ready to bargain hunt when it comes to moving costs. You’ll be glad to know that moving costs drop in winter, when everyone is trying to attract customers.

2. Get Your Desired Pick-Up and Delivery Dates

In summer when everyone’s moving, companies sometimes have to struggle to fit everyone into their schedule. If you don’t plan early, you may find they can’t fit you in at the perfect time, or at all. In winter, on the other hand, the schedule is as clean as the driven snow outside, and movers can accommodate a lot of moving schedules, sometimes on surprisingly short notice.

3. Extra Time and Attention from Your Movers

When the number of customers drops, service providers have more time to spend on the clients they have. It’s no different in the moving industry. A professional moving company will always treat you right, but this becomes easier when they’re less busy. If you’re the kind of person who likes more of a personal touch, a winter move may be the right answer for you.

4. Settling In Is Easier

Finally, moving in the cold season allows you to settle in to your new home more easily. Since winter is a quieter season for most people, you will be able to unpack, decorate, and learn about your new neighborhood faster. By the time the weather warms up and you’re ready for your summer activities, you’ll have your home and your new routine sorted out.

Give Winter Moving a Try

For a winter move, hiring professionals instead of doing it yourself makes a lot of sense. You can stay warm inside while the pros deal with the cold as well as the work.

In our next post, you’ll learn how to deal with the unique challenges that come with winter moving.

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