The process of hiring a moving company is never an easy task, and you’ll be faced with plenty of decisions along the way.

Not only do you have to decide where to live, find your perfect new home, and figure out which items to take with you, you’ll also have to choose whether or not to hire professional movers or move yourself.

Your choice will come down to a few factors, such as your budget, the time frame, the size of the household you’ll need to pack up and move, and how many friends or family members you have available to help out (we all know that friend with the pickup truck is probably tired of helping all his buddies move).

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Moving Yourself


Save Money

If you’ve got a tight budget, you might be balking at the thought of hiring a full service Arnprior moving company. Hiring professional movers does come with costs associated with them, and those can quickly add up.

A DIY move means you won’t have to worry about any shady moving companies charging you hidden costs. Renting a moving truck or U-Haul vs. movers is an affordable option that many people have chosen to take advantage of.

You’re in Complete Control

If you’re going the DIY move route, you will have control over the entire moving process. Even professional movers make mistakes, and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your possessions in the hands of someone else.

You get to choose the type of truck rental, all of the moving supplies, and how all your belongings are packed up. You don’t have to worry about whether the movers load and unload your boxes in the correct rooms.  A do-it-yourself move will ensure that you have a hand in the entire move.


Lots of Planning

While all kinds of long-distance moves or local moves will take a lot of planning, it’s definitely going to be more work for you to coordinate everything yourself. Professional, full-service moving companies are used to tackling everything, from packing the moving trucks to unloading everything into the new place.

You’ll be on the hook for figuring out the logistics of getting all your belongings from point A to point B, and you’ll also be the one responsible if anything breaks or goes wrong.

Heavy Lifting

Unless you’re eagerly awaiting the free workout that comes when you (and some very good friends) have to schlep your couches and beds around, possibly the worst part of a DIY move is the fact that you have to actually move everything yourself.

All the heavy lifting is on your shoulders—literally. There’s the potential for injury, not to mention the possible damage you could do to your belongings or the walls. A one bedroom apartment might be manageable for you and a few friends to handle, but if you’re dealing with a four bedroom house, it’s likely worth it to hire full service movers instead.

Driving a Rental Truck

If your daily driver is a small car, you might have some difficulty getting used to navigating a huge moving truck or van. Not only will you have to manage loading and unloading the rental truck, but you’ll also have to drive and maneuver a large vehicle through unfamiliar streets.

Potential Moving Issues

The old saying goes, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” and it holds true for a big move as well. You might be faced with inclement weather, broken objects or furniture, dealing with rental trucks, multiple trips, unreliable helpers, and more.

Hiring Movers


Less Stress

Generally, leaving all the hard work to professional movers will save you loads of stress.

Hiring movers will mean you won’t have to worry about maneuvering a moving truck or trailer, nor will you have to deal with the Tetris game of loading and unloading your stuff in a safe, efficient manner.

Not to mention, a full service mover will offer packing services, so if you’re dreading the thought of doing any part of your move, you can leave the packing to the moving service as well.

Faster Move

A professional moving company knows what they’re doing, and have dealt with all types of furniture and objects. They have special tools and moving equipment that will make the process go much faster and smoother than if you were trying to figure it out yourself for the first time.

Heavy Lifting

No matter how many boxes you have, professional movers are under contract to get your entire house from one place to another.

Hiring movers allows you to sit back and watch as they maneuver heavy couches, awkwardly-shaped furniture, and box after box into the moving truck. You won’t have to worry about scratching up your new floors, dinging walls, or injuring yourself.

Experience and Knowledge

Professional movers will be reliable, responsible, and efficient. The right moving service will be able to answer any questions you may have, ease your stress about the move, and offer additional services if you need them.

Full-service movers can also deal with packing your belongings, whether it’s with bubble wrap or heavy blankets, to protect them.


Costs More

It’s no secret that hiring movers will come with an additional cost. The cost of hiring movers will depend on a few factors, such as the size of the house being moved, the distance of the move, and the amount of workers that will be required to do the job.

A moving company will almost always give free moving quotes, so you’ll have a good idea of whether hiring movers will fit into your budget before you decide.

Less Control

If you’re flexible on your moving date and time, you’ll have better luck with hiring movers, especially if you’re moving during the busy season.

Professional moving companies have lots of jobs on the go, and so you’ll have to work around their schedule.

A long distance move will likely be the least flexible, while a local move will afford greater options when it comes to dates and times.

Why Should You Hire Cassidy’s Moving?

Hiring movers vs moving yourself isn’t always an easy choice to make. If you need to save money, or if you have a small amount of stuff to move, you might be able to get away with a DIY move.

Hiring professional movers makes more sense if you’re dealing with a large house, if you have a short timeline, or if you want to avoid injury, stress, and the hazards associated with moving.

Cassidy’s is a full service Ottawa moving company that can handle everything from packing, loading and unloading, and unpacking in your new place.

We’ll provide you with a free moving estimate and help you pick the moving option that will work best for you, leaving you free to enjoy your new home without all the added stress that comes with a move!

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