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What Do I Need to Know About Moving in the Summer?

Summer is a wonderful time of year.

The skies are blue, there’s no snow on the ground, and homeowners are moving into their new homes.

From late spring to the end of summer, moving companies like us are constantly on the go – which means you need to be as prepared as possible.

Approximately 50% of All Moves Take Place in the Summer

4.5-5 million Canadians move every year. Approximately 50% of all moves take place in summer.

That’s a lot of moving in a short span of time – but there are reasons moving in the summer is so popular.

The weather is pretty fantastic. Clear skies and higher temperatures makes it easier to plan your move.

Families are able to get help from their older kids and don’t have to worry about anyone missing school. It also gives them time to get adjusted to their new school area.

Employees are able to take time away from work and move in while things are slow and schedules are flexible.

Keep These Things in Mind When Moving in the Summer

If moving in the summer sounds like the right decision for you, there are a few things you should remember.

These are all the good things: but the higher demand for movers does have an impact on rates and availability. That’s why we recommend planning your move as early as possible, and getting your free moving quote beforehand.

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1. You Need to Stay Hydrated

One of the downsides of summer is how quickly you can become dehydrated. Our bodies are 70% water, and we need a steady amount of water a day to maintain an appropriate level of hydration.

But add in high temperatures and constant movement, and our bodies lose fluids much more quickly than usual. Even a 1% loss of water weight can lead to excessive thirst, dry skin/lips, and lethargy.

When you move, keep a cooler of water bottles on hand both while you’re packing and loading the truck, and at your new home. If you feel thirsty, take a break and drink: your body is telling you it needs to hydrate.

2. UV Protection Isn’t Optional

Even on cloudy days, the ultraviolet ray levels in the summer are extremely high. Exposure to UV can lead to sunburns, eye damage, and even skin cancer.

When you’re outside, frequently apply sunscreen with a high protection level. Always keep a wide-brimmed hat and UV sunglasses with you in your moving day survival pack.

You can check Ottawa’s daily UV report here >

3. It’s Important to Dress Appropriately

Your clothes can have a huge impact on how you feel in the summer. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothes in breathable fabrics in light colours. This will help keep you cool, and also give you the flexibility you need during a busy day on the go.

4. It’s Cooler to Move in the Morning

Waking up in the summer is refreshing – mostly because the temperatures are much lower than in the afternoons.

You can make yourself and your movers more comfortable by choosing an earlier start time for your move, and avoiding the midday sun and temperature spike.

5. Some Things Don’t Withstand Heat

Many items you own are heat sensitive. This isn’t an issue in fall or spring, but it is is from June to September.

Items that are sensitive to heat include plants, candles, electronics, CDs and DVDs. These items shouldn’t go in your moving truck: instead take them in your air conditioned car, or make other arrangements.

6. Try to Find Clever Ways to Keep Cool

It’s important to keep as comfortable as possible. You can do that using a few clever tips.

Make sure your utilities are on before you move. That way you can turn on your air conditioning on move-in day. Trust us – you won’t enjoy unpacking nearly as much if you have to do it in a warm house.

Portable fans are also a good way to cool yourself while on the go. You can get some that are battery powered or plug right into your phone. While you don’t want to use them excessively (they’ll drain your battery), they’re great for a quick cool-off.

Another clever way to beat the heat is to use a mister. You can turn an old spray bottle (well-washed of course) into a portable cooling device and refresh yourself as you work.

Lastly, you can always use the damp towel trick. They’re great for sponging off your face and neck, and don’t require a lot of prep. In fact, you can even keep them in a cooler of ice, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

7. You’ll Have Better Luck Moving on Weekdays

Weekends are a natural choice for people moving. Many homeowners have to work their move in around their busy schedules. This means that weekends and holidays are particularly crazy for companies like us.

This is also true of the end and beginning of the month. This is when most lease agreements terminate, and when most people take homeownership.

So if you need to move in the summer, you’ll actually have more luck doing it on weekdays or in the middle of the week.

This doesn’t mean you should leave your move to the last minute – we book up quickly all summer long, so you should still prepare as early as possible.

Ask Us for Your Free Moving Estimate

No matter when you want to move, you should always work with a reputable company that will come and conduct a professional moving consultation.

Not only will we conduct an in-house consultation: we’ll provide you with an upfront quote that is guaranteed to be within 10% of your written quote. That means no worrying about surprise fees like when you work with moving brokers.

All of our movers and drivers are certified experts, and friendly people who just want to make your move as easy and exciting as possible. They’re exactly who you want on your side on such a big day.

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