At first glance, moving in the summer might seem like the peak moving season. No snow to worry about, the kids are out of school, and you’re eager to get into your new home.

A summer move is not as simple as it looks, though. Ottawa to Kingston moving companies are super busy (and usually charging peak season rates) and the weather’s often blazingly hot.

However, if your summertime moving day is inflexible, make it as smooth and stress-free as possible with these 9 best tips for moving in summer.

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1. Plan & Hire Trusted Movers Ahead Of Time

First item on your moving checklist: Look for reliable moving services who’ll be sure to show up during this busiest time. Plan ahead so you can book them while they still have some space in their calendar. And reserve an early morning slot if possible — summer moving goes easier when you avoid the high temperatures of mid-day, the morning is still fresh and relatively cool.

2. Move On A Weekday

Summer weekends are such a high demand time to move that moving companies charge premium prices. So schedule your move for a weekday to save money. Bonus: You’ll avoid weekend bumper-to-bumper traffic jams as well.

3. Prepare For Rain

The occasional shower does happen, even in summer. Carefully pack clothes and other belongings that shouldn’t get wet, and bring towels, drying rags, and tarps to keep your new home clean and dry as you unload.

4. Dress For The Weather – Wear Light Clothing

Dress weather-appropriately in loose, breathable natural fabrics that keep you cool and let you move freely. Avoid flip-flops or sandals — shoes with closed toes offer better protection in case you drop something on your foot. A baseball cap or sunhat is another great idea.

5. Stay Hydrated & Cool

You’ll be working hard directing the movers, and outside in the heat for most of those hours. Keep plenty of cold water on hand for yourself and the movers (use a cooler while your fridge is in transit) so everyone will stay hydrated. Stash wipes or spray bottles in your moving day survival kit for quick cooldowns.

6. Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is just as important when you’re carting boxes as when you’re lounging on your favourite beach. Slather all exposed skin with 30 SPF or better. Choose a non-greasy formula that won’t make your hands slippery or soil your possessions.

7. Properly Pack Your Belongings – Avoid Rushing

Packing your moving boxes the right way is important all year round, but especially in the summer season. As you start packing, make sure to use the right packing supplies, balance heavy items with light (and never load more than 23 kg into a single carton), and avoid bringing along useless or perishable belongings.

8. Protect Your Electronics

Your electronics contain sensitive components that can be damaged by exposure to extreme heat and need to be packed extremely carefully. Pack electronics in their own clearly marked box, which should be loaded onto the moving truck last and unloaded first. Better yet, take it along with you in your — hopefully — air-conditioned car. (This is a must for a long distance or international move!)

9. Turn On The Air Conditioning At Your New Place

Have the utilities at your new address connected a day or so before you move. Turn on the air conditioning the day before your move, if you’re moving locally in Ottawa. Otherwise, make sure you switch it on as soon as you arrive. Unpacking in the summer months (and relaxing afterward) will be much pleasanter when your new house is comfortably cool.

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