Your first big move is exciting, for sure, but it’s also quite a challenge. What do you do when — and how will you get it all accomplished by the time Moving Day rolls around?

Relax. To simplify your upcoming long-distance move or local move, just work through the following moving tips, one by one. And get ready to enjoy a low-stress transition to your new home! Our Gatineau movers are here to help.

When’s The Best Time To Move?

May we suggest a weekday in the fall or spring for moving? While you might lean towards moving on a weekend (because you’re off work) in summer (because Ottawa’s quirky weather tends to be at its nicest then), be warned. Top movers are heavily booked up in the weeks from June to September and often raise their rates accordingly. Ditto for weekend moves.

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So if you have some flexibility, try to set a date for autumn or spring and on a weekday. Moving professionals are likely to have more free slots in their schedules. Parking for the moving truck, as well as condo elevators, are generally more available then. Even moving in the midst of a Canadian winter is possible with the right planning.

When Should I Start Preparing For A Move?

The sooner, the better. It’s a good idea to start preparing as soon as you know there’s a move coming up in your future. A downloadable checklist is a fantastic tool for planning and organization weeks ahead of time. To get you started, here are a few must-dos for your moving checklist:

  • Confirm when your new home will be available for you to move in
  • Create a virtual file or offline binder for essential documents — the rental or purchase agreement for your new home, lists, receipts, etc.
  • Start to look for reliable moving companies in your area
  • Figure out a budget and make sure you have that amount safely set aside
  • Smooth the adjustment to your new city; research amenities, including schools, transportation, and social activities

How To Choose The Best Moving Company

Look for an established professional moving company and check their Better Business Bureau rating, Canadian membership, and online reviews. Make sure any moving company you hire offers all the services you want — like insurance, delivery of moving supplies, professional packing, storage, and so on.

Get 3 detailed written estimates for the cost of your move so you can compare. (Estimates should be given after a moving company representative performs a complete inventory of all the items you plan to move, either by video conference or in person.) Once you’ve decided on a moving company, sign a contract confirming your agreement.

Plan Your Moving Schedule

Now you’ve got the official move date firmed up. (Phew!) Work backwards from your moving day to plan a week-by-week schedule. Be sure to slot in all essential events like registering your kids in their new school district or having utilities hooked up at your new home. Be sure to make room for a little downtime to destress from all that moving prep.

List Your Inventory & Declutter

What exactly do you own? It’s important to know since long-distance and international moves are priced according to the weight. You’ll also want an accurate inventory, just in case anything is lost or broken in transit.

If you’re overwhelmed facing a mountain of furniture and other stuff, take the time for some constructive decluttering before you start packing. There’s no point moving worn out or unwanted possessions that you really can’t use in your new place. So instead, sell them at a garage sale, donate, recycle, or toss, according to their usability.

Gather Proper Packing Materials

Of course, you should stock up on moving boxes in assorted sizes: small boxes for heavy items like books, large ones to hold lighter-weight items such as bedding, and a few specialty boxes for mirrors and other odd-shaped objects. But don’t forget you’ll also need accessories — packing tape, bubble wrap, markers to label your boxes, and so on.

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for packing supplies? Reach out to Cassidy’s, and we’ll deliver everything you need, right to your door.

Find An Ultimate Moving Checklist

How and when you pack is just as important as what you pack. As a newbie, you’ll find a packing checklist full of tips from expert movers to be an invaluable aid.

Here are a few quick examples to help with your moving process: Pack heavier items at the bottom, with lighter things on top. Never load a box with more than 23 kg. And pack out-of-season clothing or holiday décor before essential items you’ll be using right till the last minute.)

Count On Cassidy’s

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