09 Mar


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Why Should I Consider Spring Moving?

Spring is in the air: the grass is slowly turning green, the leaves are budding, and it’s finally getting warmer. But did you know that spring is the best season for moving?

It’s true! There are some great advantages to spring moving you won’t get in other seasons.

1. You’ll Beat Peak Moving Season (June to August)

Due to the spring real estate market and the end of the school year, summer is often the busiest moving season. This high demand for movers makes June to August our peak business months, which impacts our prices.

Our spring rates are often a little lower and we have more availability (as long as you book in advance). Learn more about the cost of movers >

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2. The Weather Will Be Milder and More Pleasant

Historically, March temperatures average around 8°C, and rise steadily throughout the rest of spring. Compared to the more extreme summer temperatures of 20°C or higher, spring is a much milder and more pleasant season to work in.

What if it rains? It does rain more often in spring, but rain happens in all seasons. We have a lot of experience moving in the rain, and we’ll properly protect your floors and belongings on the big day.

3. You’ll Have All Summer to Settle In

Summer is a time for relaxing, family vacations, and getting out and about in your own neighbourhood.

With spring moving, you’ll have an entire summer to settle in. That means time to get to know your new neighbours, help your kids meet new friends who go to their new school, and really enjoy your new home in one of the nicest seasons.

Moving in the spring will give you an entire summer of uninterrupted family fun.

4. You Can Have a Garage Sale to Help Reduce Clutter

Nothing says spring cleaning like a garage sale. The same goes for spring moving! It’s the perfect time to say goodbye to all the clutter you’ve been “saving” until the right moment.

While it’s hard to part with belongings sometimes, a garage sale is a fair weather activity that’s fun for the whole family. And whatever you don’t sell can be donated to local charities.

Your belongings will find a great new home, and you’ll make a little extra money that you can put towards your move, or to buying new items for your new home.

Spring is the Best Season to Move If It Works for You

Spring is the best season to move if you’re ready to do it. And if you book your local move today, you’ll get 10% off!

No matter what season you decide to move, Cassidy’s will be here to help with as much or as little of the process as you want.

Ready to spring into action?

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