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5 Tips for Winter Moving

The weather outside is, as the song says, frightful. Canadians are currently experiencing one of the worst winters in recent memory, and weather reports across the country are decidedly gloomy. Here in Ottawa, standing outside for five minutes can be enough to make think longingly of the heat of the summer.

It seems like the last thing you’d want to do is move house, right? Well, as we showed you last time, there are several advantages to moving in the winter. In winter, moving costs are often lower. Add to that the fact that houses are often cheaper, and moving in the cold begins to make economic sense.

5 Tips for Moving in Winter

In truth, moving in the winter is not easy, despite the advantages. But when you’ve just found the perfect house, it may be that braving the icy weather is the best option.

So we’re here to help. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of families move in the coldest of conditions, and we’ve collected a few tips for your winter move.

1. Hire Professionals

Moving is always difficult, but in the winter it can be downright treacherous. Hiring a professional moving team adds a sense of security to the process. Moving crews have been through the worst weather conditions, and know how to handle your belongings.

So, let someone else brave the worst of the cold weather move.

2. Watch out for Bad Weather

Plan ahead. Schedule a backup day for your move in case the weather decides to throw a hissy fit. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where your one day to move falls on the same day as the worst blizzard of the year. Most truck rental companies will allow you to reschedule up to the day before.

As the day approaches, check the weather frequently. Ideally, you’ll want to move on a day when it’s fairly warm, but isn’t raining. Rain makes everything very slippery in the winter.

3. Clear a Path

Trudging through snow while carrying heavy items is no fun. Whether you’re hiring professionals or not, it’s a good idea to make sure that the pathways have been shoveled and salted at both the house your moving from and the house your moving to.

If possible, put down carpeting inside the houses to minimize the cleanup afterward. At Cassidy’s, we’ll put down covers to ensure that our wet boots don’t mess up your floors.

4. Keep Your Stuff Warm

Some items, like plants and electronics, are very sensitive to cold. Some items of furniture may crack when exposed to cold temperatures for too long.

If you’re using an unheated truck, make sure to take your plants, food and sensitive electronics in your heated car. Cassidy’s offers temperature controlled trucks so you don’t need to worry about your stuff.

5. Keep Yourself Warm

Gloves are a must. Mittens can get caught on things, and don’t give you the control you need. Wear gloves and warm clothing.
Make sure to leave your utilities on in both houses. Moving from or to a cold house is no fun, and you’ll want a place to warm up when things get a little cold.

Finally, make some hot drinks. A little hot chocolate can help keep you warm as you haul your furniture around.

Final Thoughts

Moving in the winter costs less, but it is more difficult. We hope that, by following our tips, you’ll be able to pull off a successful move even in the coldest of weather (well, hopefully not the coldest).

And if you do choose to hire Cassidy’s for your winter move, you can be assured that we’ll do our utmost to make it a warm, comfortable experience for you.

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