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5 Tips for Moving in with Your Partner

V-Day is upon us–time for flowers, chocolates and… moving? It may sound a little cheesy, but some couples use this most romantic of days as an excuse to move in together. And as we all know, the big move in presents its own unique challenges. For some, the idea of living with another person may take some getting used to – it sure won’t be like living with friends in college. Others may find that certain activities they love, such as drumming or yodeling, may not be conducive to the harmonious love nest ambiance they were shooting for.

At Cassidy’s we may not be relationship experts, but we know a thing or two about moving. We’re aware that there is no move more important or more full of potential pitfalls than a than a couples’ first move. Normally we try and stay out of the love minefield, but we’re prepared to be Cupid for a day to help your and that special someone build your first home together.

Whether you’re planning on moving in on the 14th or you’re just stressed about moving in with someone new, we’re here to help. Here are some things you can figure out in advance to make moving like a walk in the park. In the spring. With flower petals and swans. Just don’t ask us about the toilet seat, please.

V-Day: Couple

Here goes:

1. Have a Plan for Your Stuff

Basic math predicts that two 50-inch widescreens will not fit in your tiny apartment, which means that one will have to go. After you choose which comes to the new place (and don’t ask us how to navigate those treacherous waters), you’ll have to do something with the other one. You’ve got three options which are, in order of priority:

  1. Sell: have a garage sale, or sell it to your uncle.

  2. Donate: give it to charity, or to your uncle.

  3. Toss: if all else fails, it’s headed for the landfill or recycling centre. Did you check with your uncle first?

Now look at everything else you own. Is there room for all this stuff at the new place? You’re going to have to make some hard decisions. Look at every single item and ask the following questions:

  1. Do I really, truly need this?

  2. Does my partner have a similar thing that we could use?

  3. Will this survive the move?

  4. Is this valuable?

  5. How much do you love it? How much does your partner hate it?

Answering those questions should tell you if you need sell, donate or toss the item, or if you can just keep it. Remember: moving less stuff is way easier than moving more stuff. When in doubt, err on the side of moving light.

2. Figure Out the Money Situation First

Okay, we didn’t want to bring it up on such a romantic occasion, but there will be costs associated with moving, and not just for movers. For example, have you thought about who will be paying first month’s rent? What about groceries? What about utilities?

Trust us, you’re not going to want to figure this out on the fly. You want a plan going in! One that you’ll stick to.

You’ll have to consider a few things:

  1. Who will be doing the shopping?

  2. Does one person make more money than the other?

  3. What are the consistent monthly costs?

  4. Are there services that only one person uses?

Answering those questions should help you figure out how to divide the costs. Many couples like to split costs right down the middle for things like rent, food and utilities. You’re going to need to figure out what works for you.

Next, find yourself a really good budgeting program or create an Excel sheet (advanced users only) and start keeping track of everything, obsessively. Try to make it fun; you’ll be doing this a lot.

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3. Gather Friends

Between two people, you’re bound to have a pretty good stock of friends. Call on them now! Nothing brings people together like moving two lovebirds into a nest (just easy on the PDA, okay?).

Your friends may not want to actually move for you (unless they’re really good friends), but you should be able to convince a few of them to help you pack or unpack. In our experience, offering food and drinks helps to make that sale.

Also, it’s nice to have people to talk to. Moving takes a long time, and talking to one person the whole time may lead to grumpiness. It’s all about safety in numbers.

4. Relax

Find some time to take breaks. Rome was not built in a day, and you’ve got more than a day to move (we hope!), so don’t freak out too hard if something went wrong. So, you accidentally packed your toothbrush in one of three hundred indistinguishable boxes. You can buy another toothbrush.

Take time to sit down and do something that you enjoy–like watching television or catching up with your uncle. Have snack breaks (no one wants to move on an empty stomach) and try to keep things light and fun.

5. Do Not See Moving as a Metaphor for Your Relationship

A difficult move does not mean a difficult relationship is around the corner. We’ve all known people who have used a move-in as a test of a relationship. Don’t do it! All moves are likely to generate at least a little bit of unpleasantness, so let it slide.

Just because he or she annoys you now does not mean that they’ll always be annoying and you should call the whole thing off. That would be throwing out both baby and bathwater.

Look, like we said, we’re not experts in relationships, but we do know that moving doesn’t have to be the reason for a breakup (that’s common sense, right?). So, just take any difficulties in stride. We’re rooting for you guys! We just know you crazy kids can make it work!

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