When it’s time to hire expert movers, whether you’re moving one block or moving to a new country like the USA, it’s important to do it safely! Your computer tower and your computer screen are both fragile. Whether you have a desktop computer or a laptop computer- they all have different ways to pack them safely. When you’ve got multiples of each, it becomes even more important to get all your electronic devices packed properly and safely.

It’s more than just showing up with a cardboard box and packing paper on moving day. We’ve laid out all the steps you need to safely get your laptops and computers to your new home or office. When you have a big move ahead, there are a million different things to consider and keep organized. If it’s all feeling a bit overwhelming and you could use some help, guidance, or advice on your upcoming Barrhaven move, the Ottawa moving company experts at Cassidy’s are here to help. We are who Kanata trusts with all their moving, storage, and packing services. We even have all the packing supplies you need!

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1. Back-Up Files & Data

You may have most files backed up onto cloud storage, but it is worth thinking about keeping your files and data safe. Your desktop computer may have files saved on the hard drive that needs protecting.

Especially if you’re relocating your Office for a move, back up all your important files and data to an external hard drive or into cloud storage or an online backup service.

2. Shut Off & Disconnect Computer

Shut down your computer tower and unplug the computer and screens. Next, disconnect other peripheral devices like your webcam, mouse, and keyboard. You want only the computer tower- that means unplugging the power cable if your model has a removable one.

3. Label & Wrap Cords

As Pontiac’s trusted moving company, our movers understand your desire to bunch all the cables together, toss them in a box, and deal with them when you get to the new home. But, trust us, it is worth the 5 minutes now to get organized than the hours and frustration of trying to locate and reconnect all of the different devices, hoping a cable didn’t get lost in the mix.

Use tape, labels, or even bread bag fasteners to colour or indicate which cord belongs to which port. Once properly labelled, roll all the cables up and fasten them with packing tape, rubber bands, or zip ties. Our knowledgeable Arnprior movers suggest keeping the electronics and cords in the same box.

4. Find The Right Packing Materials

You’ll need more than just a standard cardboard box. The right packing supplies will make your computer packing job easier and will make sure that your desktop, computer screens, and other pc accessories get there safely. You need to find boxes made of a thick cardboard. Thick-walled cardboard boxes provide extra protection, and when paired with packing material, they protect the computer system inside. Get a combination of packing paper or packing peanuts, bubble wrap, a permanent marker, and packing tape. For a desktop computer, try and find a box only slightly larger than the size of the computer tower.

5. Pack Computer Accessories Separately

The least amount of loose objects, the better. Wrap each of your accessories in bubble wrap to protect them and prevent damage if anything shifts in transit. Put all loose pc components inside a separate box as tightly as possible without forcing anything. Fill in any remaining empty space with soft packing paper and secure the box tightly with packing tape. Be sure to indicate that the contents are fragile!

6. Wrap Computer & Monitor

A portable computer can be put in a laptop bag or laptop sleeve and placed in a sturdy box. Computer monitors should be wrapped in paper to protect the screen and ideally packed into the original boxes. The monitor would also benefit from added bubble wrap around the screen to protect it further. The PC tower should be wrapped in bubble wrap on all sides, and when you pack a computer, it’s best to treat it as though it was made of glass.

7. Pack Computer & Monitor

If the original box isn’t available, make sure your screen is wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in one of the sturdy cardboard boxes you bought for this purpose. If your monitor is large, you may need to pack the computer screen and the computer tower in separate boxes. Be sure to pack the power cord and electronics in the same box, so you know how they all connect.

If you have a more expensive gaming pc or expensive computer peripherals, you may want to purchase additional moving insurance from your trustworthy Stittsville moving company to protect your items from anything that may come.

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