Here’s a handy piece of free life advice: don’t ask friends to help you move. “Why not?” you wonder. “If I can’t ask a friend or family member to give a hand when I need it, who can I ask? Besides, it’ll save me some cash.”

Our reply is twofold. A) Ask a professional moving company — they get paid for a reason. B) “Cheap is expensive, “ as Grandma used to say. You won’t save much money if your friends break things, hurt themselves, or run up the bill on your by-the-hour rental truck. And moving professionals are more affordable than you might think.

Asking your friends to help when you moved into your first or second apartment is one thing – they were happy to help cram stuff into the back of your hatchback for a couple of beers and a slice of pizza. But now, you have a house, a family, and are over 35! (and so are your friends!)

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Want more convincing reasons why you don’t ask friends to help you move? Here are seven.

1. Friends Are Not Accountable

Your friends and family love you – we know they do. And when you ask them to help out, they’re likely to say “Yes” with the best of intentions. But when moving day rolls around, all of a sudden they’re very, very busy. You do understand, don’t you, Buddy?

2. You Want An Early Start

Don’t ask friends to help you move if you’d like to get the party started sometime before noon. You’re on your friends’ timetable now. Professional Renfrew movers are ready and willing to begin work at the crack of dawn; unpaid help, not so much.

3. You Want To Finish Today, Not Next Week

Just as friends and family tend to be a little… shall we say spontaneous about when they start, they’re also kind of lax about getting the job done as fast as you’d like. In fact, they may want to spend the bulk of their volunteer shift checking their phone. The professionals are trained to complete your move as efficiently as possible.

4. Valuables Can Break

The last time I ever asked friends to help me move, they actually had a great time. Problem was, part of their fun involved a game of soccer with a moving box as the ball. Score: 4 broken picture frames, 2 ruined friendships. Moving pros know how to handle precious possessions like artwork with care and will even pack it for you if needed. PS. They also have insurance.

5. Injuries Can Occur

Don’t ask friends to help you move especially if your furniture is extra large and your human helpers are extra small. That’s just an accident waiting to happen. Even if they’re more of a match with your stuff, movers can get hurt on the job. Professionals are covered by workers’ comp.

6. Someone Helping You Move — Means You Have To Help Them!

Let’s face it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. So don’t ask friends to help you move, because then they just might expect you to return the favour. The only thing worse than schlepping your moving boxes? Schlepping someone else’s! Hire real movers — that way you don’t have to do any schlepping at all.

7. It’s Not About The Cost — It’s About Priorities

Heck, people pay good money for courses in “How to Adult.” You’re a grown-up now, making a real salary and buying a real house… A HOUSE! So why not prioritize your comfort and convenience by shelling out for real movers? So worth it!

When you’re planning a move, forget using your friends — choose Cassidy’s. Our trained and reliable team will move you fast and skillfully. “Move up” to Cassidy’s professional movers. Contact us for free estimates now!

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