Does the idea of packing, stacking, moving, unloading, unpacking and setting up all of your worldly possessions sound like a nightmare? Is the amount of time and effort needed to make a move keeping you from looking at that dream home?

Put all those concerns behind you and take advantage of a full-service moving package from Cassidy’s – Ottawa’s Best Movers!

What do you get with a full-service home or office moving company? The short answer is “time and peace of mind” The long answer… well, it’s a lot more than just transport. Full-service movers offer a whole list of services designed to protect your belongings and make your move easier, smoother, and much more relaxed.

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Sound good so far? Just wait till you read the details:

Supply All Materials

Gone are the days when getting started on a move meant scrounging a mismatched collection of boxes from grocery shopping or pulling your Amazon delivery boxes out of the recycle bin.

No more tedious visits to office supply or hardware stores to get everything on the endless list of essential moving bits and pieces. Not when you hire full-service movers, that is!

They make your move so simple. Moving boxes, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, you name it — everything you need is supplied.

Pack Everything

Packing is probably the worst moving chore; it’s hard, boring work that wastes precious hours of your busy pre-moving period (and it always takes a lot more time than you bargained for).

Imagine if one click could just make it all go away. With full-service movers, it can. Professional packing services don’t only save you time. They also work hard and thoughtfully to expertly protect your possessions, possibly even better than you could do it yourself.

Disassemble Furniture

Let’s face it. Even though taking your larger furniture pieces apart makes them so much easier to move, the whole process is a pain.

Right now, you probably lack both the tools and the patience for fiddly chores like this one.

Once again, it’s full-service movers to the rescue! The pros will painstakingly disassemble your furniture, keep track of even the smallest parts, and then if needed, reassemble everything once you arrive at your new premises.

Specialty Packing

Beyond boxes, you may have treasures that need some extra TLC at moving time.

When it comes to special fragile items like musical instruments, home gyms, artwork, and the like, full-service movers are the experts.

They have the know-how to plan in advance exactly how to get these items safely to their new home, including details of wrapping and padding, lifting and carrying, optimally positioning in the moving truck, and unloading.

Unload & Unpack

No, your move is not done when you step over your new threshold.

There’s still that long hard job of unpacking to face… Ahem! You can skip the unpacking when you hire full-service movers.

They will unload the truck, unpack your boxes, and remove all leftover packaging materials, while you handle the truly important tasks — like exploring your new neighbourhood!

Cost For A Full-Service Move

OK, all this is starting to sound like an amazing dream of how a moving day should be… but let’s come back down to earth. How much do full-service movers cost?

Every move is a little different. That’s why we’ll send a moving consultant to get an accurate picture of how much stuff you have and precisely what needs to be done.

However, to give you a general idea, full packing services for the average 3-bedroom home typically cost about $2,000 to $3,000, including moving boxes and clean newsprint. Transport fees are not included in this figure.

Partial Packing Option

Take advantage of Cassidy’s partial packing option if you’d like to save some money or if you have a few special objects that you prefer to pack up yourself.

Customize Your Move

Are you planning a move? Whether you want full service, partial packing, or just transportation, contact us. We’re happy to work with you to customize the move (within the Ottawa area or cross country) which will work best for you.

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