Packing up large mirrors for a local Ottawa move or long-distance move is challenging, to be sure. Unlike many other packing chores, this particular task is more nerve-racking than tedious. Besides being bulky, odd shaped, and highly breakable, your mirror may have artistic or sentimental value.

So before you get started moving, take a deep breath. You can do this! Just follow these simple step-by-step instructions recommended by Kanata’s expert moving company for how to pack a mirror safely and quickly for your move.

Buy Quality Packing Supplies

Preparing fragile mirrors for transport is actually a lot like packing artwork. In both cases, you’ll need quality packing materials — which can be purchased online, at home centres, or (easiest of all!) through your friendly moving company.

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We recommend:

  1. Mirror box. This is a heavy-duty 4-piece cardboard carton, specially designed packing a mirror safely. No worries about finding exactly the right size: mirror boxes are adjustable.
  2. Paper moving pad. A multi-layered paper pad is perfect for protecting any flat fragile items.
  3. Packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape. You’ll need plenty of these on hand, not just for packing your mirror, but for all kinds of moving-related needs.
  4. Printed labels.

Prepare Mirror Box

Mirror boxes come as a set of 4 identical pieces. Assemble each piece individually by folding along the marked lines. Then fold in and tape the flaps.

Wrap Mirror

Place the moving pad on the face of the mirror and tape to the frame. Alternatively, form a cardboard sleeve from unneeded boxes. Encase snugly in several layers of bubble wrap or packing paper.

Secure Mirror & Test For Safety

Position the wrapped mirror on a good-sized table. Slide the folded box pieces onto the mirror, one at a time, and tape securely.

Lift the box and shake very gently to make sure the mirror won’t shift around.

Label Mirror Box

Finally label the mirror box to alert your dependable Barrhaven movers to handle it extra carefully. Printed stickers warning “FRAGILE” and “DO NOT LAY FLAT” are a good idea; these will be more visible and recognizable than just labeling with a permanent marker.

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