A home gym is a fantastic convenience when you want to work out whenever and however you choose. Come moving time, though, and all your oh-so-convenient personal fitness equipment suddenly becomes a bit of a pain.

The problem is that a home gym’s components tend to be both very bulky and surprisingly delicate. They’re also exceedingly heavy and expensive to replace. To move your gym safely, it’s essential to pack up your workout equipment the right way, even if you’re in a hurry.

Let our Renfrew moving crew tell you how.

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Clean Equipment

Get started on your packing process by removing any dirt and bacteria from your precious exercise equipment. Following manufacturer’s instructions in your owner’s manual, use your choice of disinfectant wipes or a disinfecting spray (homemade or commercial) for cleanup.

At the same time, check for damage such as rust, missing screws, etc. Make sure all items are thoroughly dry before you pack them away.

Weights & Dumbbells

Select small sturdy containers, such as book cartons or plastic crates. Please don’t go for a large, flimsy cardboard box — stuffed with weights, it will split open mid-move and could even be too heavy to lift safely.

Wrap the weights in packing paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper; then fill the bins with blankets to keep equipment from shifting. Be sure to label these containers “Heavy”, so your movers are alerted to handle them with extra special care. Finally, consider putting a small set of weights aside as part of your moving day survival kit. Nothing like working off a little tension after a move!

Treadmill & Elliptical Machine

Like most large pieces of fitness equipment, these are too big and awkwardly shaped to fit into boxes. You’ll have to prepare them as best you can so the machines are protected and don’t do any damage.

Before packing your treadmill, adjust the incline to “Zero.” Remove safety key, switch the treadmill off and unplug. Fold the device in an upright position, locking it into place. Wrap securely with moving blankets.

For an elliptical machine, turn it off and disconnect the plug from the wall. Then unscrew parts, such as pedals. Pack all bolts or screws in a securely closed and clearly labelled plastic bag. Use moving blankets fastened with tape to pad any individual sensitive parts.

TIP: Before disassembling, take photos of the machine “as is,” as your guide for when you need to put everything back together again.

Stationary Bike

For an electric stationary bike, unplug the machine and tape the power cord to its body. Also, use packing tape to fasten down any loose or moving parts. Felt gliders or even a flattened cardboard carton placed under the feet work great as “runners” to help glide the bike smoothly along without scratching your floors. When you come to stairs, you will need a two-person team to lift your stationary bike safely.

Weight Machines

Remove weights from the machine and pack them as you would for free weights (as above, take care to spread the weights out into as many smaller boxes as possible). Then take your weight machine apart, documenting the process with photos and saving screws, nuts, and bolts in labelled plastic bags.

Fasten down all moving parts with whatever’s handiest – such as tape, zip ties, or cord – and safeguard the machine with moving blankets.

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