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How to Pack Plants Before Moving

Packing up your house can be like a game of Tetris. You attempt to fill every nook and cranny while trying to beat your high score of the least number of moving boxes used. But, some things don’t fit nicely into any box – what happens when you’re required to pack plants?

Whether you own a few plants or a whole Amazon rain forest, figuring out how to pack your plants before moving is often overlooked. Learning how to keep your plants safe and secure requires detail, planning and knowing your plants.

If you’re looking to learn how to safely pack your plants, this list provides tips and considerations when packing your plants before moving.


Planning is the number one key to success when moving. Without laying out your steps, you’ll feel as stressed out as a student cramming the day before a test. Planning on how you’ll pack your plants for a move is no exception. Make sure to prepare days before moving.

1. Plant Pruning

Plant pruning is to ensure your plants don’t create a mess. Loose leaves and dirty branches will fall and create unpleasant debris in the prefer moving vehicle. Trim and clean your plant of any dead branches, weeds, or dirt.

2. Adjust Moving Boxes for Size

Placing plants in moving boxes creates protection, stability and keeps the soil from scattering around your vehicle.

Isolate smaller plants and place them in their own box; keep the lid open to avoid suffocating the plants. Create holes in the box to increase fresh air and sunlight flow.

If you own tall or large plants, you’ll need to make adjustments to the moving boxes. For your taller plants, cut a hole at the top of the box if your branches are too long. Along with supporting rods, the hole will keep the branches stationary in the moving vehicle.

3. Change Pots

If your plants are sitting in pots that are breakable or wavering, change your plant pots to plastic ones for the move. These plastic pots ensure stability and durability. Fill these new plastic pots with fresh potting soil and fertilizer.

4. Wrap & Insulation

For your larger or taller plants, the branches and leaves sticking out of your boxes need to be wrapped and protected. We suggest placing wet paper towels around the plant to ensure hydration and then wrapping the whole thing in packing paper.

Inside the box, place bubble wrap or packing paper to protect your plants from falling over during the move. To protect your plant from attaining bugs or pests, place a flea collar in the box to keep insects away.


Once you’ve prepared the packing, it’s time to plan for your plant travelling arrangements. We suggest transporting your plants in your car instead of a moving truck. In your car, you’ll be able to control the temperature and amount of sunlight to keep your plants healthy and safe.

1. Establish Climate

Consider what kind of climate your plants enjoy. One with a moist, high humidity or one with a dry, low humidity. Avoid creating extreme temperatures like blasting the air conditioning or creating a sauna in your vehicle. If you own a wide range of plants, aim for a temperature medium between cold and warm weather.

Don’t keep your plants in the trunk! Keep them in your back seat where they can absorb a good mixture of sun and shade. Don’t allow the plants to be overexposed with the sun or overshadowed by shade. Whichever your plant needs more of, deliver that preferred atmosphere to the plant.

2. Travel Length

Consider how long it’ll take your plants to travel from your old location to your new living arrangements. If you’re travelling long distances, plan to bring water to keep your plant hydrated. Don’t leave your plants in the car overnight.

Trust the Experts

While you’re planning your move, you might as well take a look at our Ultimate Moving Checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared for your move. Whatever moving stage you’re at, you want to entrust a moving company that contains the full package. One who fills every nook and cranny of your moving criteria.

Looking for a moving company you can trust? Trust the experts, trust Cassidy’s. With over 100 years of experience, Cassidy’s knows customers are looking for an efficient, clear and trustworthy move. Request a free quote with Cassidy’s and you’ll understand why we’ve been around for so long.

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