We have an amazing group of people in the Cassidy’s family. That includes our driver Mike Harvey.

For the past four years, Mike has been undergoing treatments for cancer. This past Christmas, our moving consultant Ed Cochrane and customer care expert Linda Nagora wanted to do something for Mike and his wife.

Ed Wanted to Put on a Fundraiser for Mike

“Mike is well-liked by everyone, including all our clients. He’s kind, takes pride in his work, and his incredibly friendly. We’re all fond of him,” says Ed.

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Mike loves his work, but has had to take time off for his chemotherapy. When Ed found out Mike had chemotherapy treatments coming up over the holiday season, he knew he wanted to do something. “It’s hard. No one is ever prepared to leave work for something like this, and it’s a hard time of year to take time off,” Ed says.

Ed spoke to manager and co-owner Dan Robinson about organizing a 50/50 fundraiser. He was 100% on board. “Dan and everyone in upper management is incredibly supportive of the entire team, and concerned with making sure Mike has everything he needs.”

“After that, Linda completely took it on. She sold tickets, kept track of who donated, managed the money. She was amazing,” Ed says.

We Raised $1,045 for Mike and Patsy – But Then…

When the time came to draw a name, Ed was called upon to do it. Much to his surprise, the winning ticket was his own!

“I’m not normally lucky when it comes to things like contest and draws!” Ed says, laughing.

It didn’t take much time for Ed and his family to decide to donate his half of the 50/50 to Mike and Patsy as well. In total they received $2,090, raised by the 67 people who participated.

“I was happy to do it for this beautiful couple. Mike and Patsy were as pleased as they were surprised. The money will be a help,” Ed says.

Now Mike is looking forward to returning to work and getting back in the saddle. “That’s something he always says. He’s so optimistic,” Ed shares.

Homemade Art to Warm the Heart

Along with the money, Linda took a lot of her own time and energy to create a beautiful piece of art for Mike and Patsy.

Each leaf has the name of someone who donated.

“It’s beautiful, and it’s something they’ll be able to look at and have for a long time,” Ed says.

Thanks to Everyone Who Participated in the 50/50

We’re so proud to work in a place that has such thoughtful, caring team members. We’d like to thank Ed, Linda, and the rest of the team who participated in the 50/50.

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