Cassidy’s is committed to keeping our employees, our customers and the general public safe. While it is easy to say, Cassidy’s backs this statement up with industry leading standards and programs. We have made substantial investments in safety, not because we are forced to (Cassidy’s standards far exceed any regulatory requirements) but because it is the right thing to do and our customers deserve it.

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Here is a summary of some of our safety and security initiatives.

Safety & Compliance Office

Cassidy’s maintains a Safety and Compliance office as a central location for all safety related matters. Equipment required for the safe completion of jobs is distributed from this office and records are kept regarding safety. A Safety and Compliance Supervisor constantly monitors employees on the job and is available to any employee with safety concerns.

Safety & Compliance Committee

Cassidy’s operates a Safety & Compliance Committee made up of employees from throughout the organization (administration, management, drivers and operations staff) as well as an outside member with expertise in enforcement. This committee meets monthly and reviews every safety related occurrence including WSIB incidents. It also solicits and addresses any safety concern brought to it by employees. The committee sets policies based on their investigations and apply discipline, including terminations, to employees who fail to follow safety policies.

Policy Manual

Cassidy’s maintains a complete policy manual that includes comprehensive safety policies. This manual is given to every new employee. It is constantly revised and updated based on reviews done by the Safety & Compliance Committee making this a living document. Since changes occur with regularity, a current manual is always available to employees via the Cassidy’s website. Changes are also posted on a dedicated safety board in the drivers’ room and important changes are communicated to employees’ in their pay packet.


Cassidy’s does wide-ranging training of employees using qualified in-house trainers and third party trainers. Regular courses include logs, hazardous materials, forklift safety, cargo securement and moving skills. Cassidy’s regularly brings in outside experts to talk to employees about safety including officials from the Ministry of Transportation, Health Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Cassidy’s sometimes hosts training for other local businesses as well. Cassidy’s does specialized transportation and also does training for nuclear safety, explosives and ammunition. Cassidy’s employs many young workers. These employees are required to complete a Young Workers’ Awareness Course designed make them aware of potential hazards, acquaint them with safety policies and to make sure safety is their number one priority on the job.

Safety Rating

Cassidy’s communicates safety violations and the current safety rating with employees via a whiteboard in the driver’s room at both terminals. Since Cassidy’s put the Safety and Compliance Committee in practice Cassidy’s safety rating as measured by CVOR has improved by 230%. We now maintain a safety rating of 15.9, the best rating in the history of the company.


Cassidy’s does internal auditing to ensure proper records are maintained and polices are adhered to. We have also had several third party safety audits including Canadian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Transport Canada and AMEC. Written recommendations are reviewed and changes implemented. Since Cassidy’s is heavily involved with high risk transportation, these outside audits are ongoing.

Security Background Checks

As a requirement for employment, every full-time employee, even the owners of the company, are required to obtain a criminal background check. These checks are renewed regularly. Our goal is to make sure that we know the people we are sending into your home and interacting with your family. We think this is important. Do you? Administration personnel are trained in information privacy and only employees that have a legitimate need are allowed access to your information. Cassidy’s maintains a Drug and Alcohol Policy that requires testing for every new driver doing sensitive or cross border driving. Drivers are also randomly tested to make sure they continue to comply. 95% of the drivers at Cassidy’s are F.A.S.T. approved. Drivers must submit a detailed and comprehensive application that is analyzed and approved by Canadian and U.S. authorities. As part of the approval, the driver must attend a formal interview where full finger prints and documentation are presented and examined.

Facility Security

It is important to us that the offices, yards and warehouses at Cassidy’s are secured. Cassidy’s has been C-TPAT certified since 2005 and has been Partners In Protection certified since 2006. These programs are designed to ensure our facilities meet the highest standard of security. Every visitor to our facilities must register with the office before they are allowed any access. Our employees are rated so that only those who belong in an area are allowed there. We have policies in place to report suspicious activity and procedures to report unauthorized persons. Our yards are surrounded with 13 feet high fences topped with barbed wire. Security cameras monitor all access points. Sensitive and trailer parking areas are controlled with access cards. We are monitored, inspected and audited by the above programs to make sure we are meeting their demanding standards.