Whew! Aren’t you glad your move is finally over? But no, wait – there’s more! Now you have to start unpacking all those boxes.

Good thing we put together a guide to save time and make the process as painless as possible. Presenting… how to start unpacking in a way that makes sense.

Strategically Sort Boxes To Designated Rooms

Leaving all your boxes stacked up in the middle of the hallway will just add to the confusion. Besides, once you create that kind of pile, it tends to take a lonnnggg time to get rid of it. Instead, try to sort the cartons into the correct room as your trusty Pembroke movers bring them off the truck.

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If you labelled each container with its designated room when you started packing, fantastic. If not, check the contents marked on the box or the packing inventory to know what goes.

Start With Essential Rooms

Better yet, start with your essential items. An essentials box, carefully packed with moving-in must-haves (a few suggestions: toothbrushes and other personal care items, prescription meds, bedding, a kettle, ramen noodles, and a box cutter), can be a sanity saver.

After you’ve located The Box, go on to unpack stuff room by room, starting with the most essential part of your new home. For most folks, that would be the bathroom (TP, towels, and shower curtain for the win!), closely followed by the kitchen and kids’ rooms. However, your mileage may vary.

Create A Daily Plan

To help smooth the post-moving-day period, make a daily plan for the first little while. Besides the unpacking process, your plan will likely include scheduling appointments for service people to connect utilities and significant appliances, cleaning, and organizing.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

Once you’ve unpacked the essentials, pace yourself and don’t overdo. Probably you’re already pretty tired from the move itself, plus the packing and prep, especially if you had to organize everything in a hurry.

Unpacking and getting yourself settled in a relaxed manner will help you use your energy wisely, without overworking. It will also leave you feeling positive and happy about your new home… whether you take time out to nap on the couch (yes, it looks great in the new living room, doesn’t it?) or to go for a walk and explore your new neighbourhood.

Arrange Furniture

PRO TIP: A floor plan helps make arranging furniture a breeze. Your realtor may have provided floor plans even before you moved.

Otherwise, try creating your own with some design software (or a rough pencil sketch – you’re not engineering a bridge here). Then figure out the best configuration for your furniture. Larger electronics, such as televisions or entertainment centres, should be set up only after you’re happy with the furniture placement.

Make Unpacking Fun

Unpacking doesn’t have to be all work and no play. It’s okay to pull out favorite books or hang prized artwork even before unpacking your pots and pans. To get the whole household involved, drum up some fun team spirit. Offer silly prizes, like “First one to finish a box gets to choose where we order supper from.”

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