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We Celebrate National Moving Month with These Tips – and Some Tips of the Hat

Just like you, we’re excited that spring is finally here. But we’ve got an extra special reason to be excited: May is National Moving Month!

Being one of the top movers in Ottawa, National Moving Month is a big deal for us. It’s a chance to be grateful for the hard work our team puts in all year long.

To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our top tips on choosing a reliable moving company.

To make it even better, we’re sharing some stories about some of the great people we have on the Cassidy’s team.

They’re the kind of people aren’t just good at what they do, they go above and beyond – in other words, the kind of people you want moving your belongings.

What Is National Moving Month?

Think of it like the kickoff of a new season: moving season. From May to October, things get extra busy and we’re moving people nonstop.

But it goes beyond that. The real estate market is in full swing, and people are getting ready to move into their new dream homes. Families are moving to new neighbourhoods, people are starting new jobs, and some are starting over in a new city.

A lot of them call moving companies like us. It’s exciting to be a part of their personal journeys, and an honour to bring what matters from their old lives to help them start their new lives.

Raising Awareness About the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

During the moving season, you’re going to be seeing a lot of moving companies online: some of those movers won’t be as reliable as others.

We want to make sure you know about some of the moving risks that come with certain types of companies in this industry.

  1. Moving brokers: Moving brokers aren’t actually movers: they’re middlemen who find you the cheapest mover possible so they can keep a larger percent of the upfront fee they charge you. Using a moving broker comes with a lot of moving risks >
  2. Unlicensed and rogue movers: One of the biggest risks of moving is using unlicensed movers. It is extremely difficult to hold unlicensed movers accountable for any damage or loss of your belongings because they have no rules and policies that protect the homeowners. Rogue movers will often quote you a low price over the phone, hinting that everything is included. When they actually show up to move you, they start adding on surprise fees and hold your belongings hostage until you pay.

When you’re choosing a moving company, you should look for the following things:

These are indicators that the moving company you’re researching is legitimate: but we always encourage anyone looking to hire us to ask a lot of questions. We’re more than happy to supply the answers.

Get a jump start with our FAQ section >

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Celebrating our Exceptional Team

National Moving Month shouldn’t just be about the risks of moving with the wrong company: we think it should also be a celebration of the good guys, and the great people who work to make your move, and our community, better.

In honour of National Moving Month, we wanted to share just a few stories about our amazing team of movers who go above and beyond every day.


Asim Kusmic was one of the first drivers to undergo a new in-depth safety inspection while moving a family’s belongings to the United States, and displayed excellent knowledge about his shipment, the truck, and the rules of the industry.


Hector, Drew, Matt, and Chris helped with the Mississippi Mills Public Library move, making it so much easier for the library staff.

Cassidy's mover Isaac Robinson

Isaac Robinson pays great attention to safety in busy residential areas, and takes the extra time to lay out orange cones for other drivers.


Steve Bruce is a claw machine-fiend, and every year he donates his winnings to the Garrison Petawawa Trucker Toy Drive.


Linda Nagora is constantly organizing events like potluck lunches to raise money for local charities like the food bank.


Brian Dinwoodie is an amazing coworker and athlete who has won multiple medals at the Ontario Special Olympics.


Zack Scouten shows the kind of pride in his work we want to celebrate. A self-described ‘lifer’ in the industry, Zack has done hundreds of moves for us. He’s become such an expert that he completed a photo series on how to properly load a truck for homeowners.


Gilles Larose has sacrificed personal time and given up plans to help fellow drivers with moves. All our drivers support each other in any way they can.

We couldn’t move you without such an incredible team that includes so many fantastic people.

We want to extend a big thanks to everyone who helps make Cassidy’s what it is: one of the best moving companies in Ottawa – and a pretty fun place to work.

Celebrate National Moving Month With Us

Why not participate in National Moving Month with us? When you request your free estimate and book with Cassidy’s, you’re eligible to get 10% off your local Ottawa move. But hurry – they don’t call it moving season for nothing!

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