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You Could Be a Part of Nick’s Goal to Help Fellow Disabled Players Enjoy Golf Again

Cassidy’s freight dispatcher Nick Jones has been in a wheelchair for the past several years, and hasn’t golfed in a long time. But a few weeks ago in Whitby, he was able to play a round with his friends. It’s all thanks to a device called the the ParaGolfer.

Now he is determined to raise enough money to bring a Paragolfer to a golf course in the Pembroke area for everyone to use.

What is a ParaGolfer?

A ParaGolfer is a motorized machine that enables people with disabilities to play golf, or other activities.

“It has 2 wheels in the front, and 1 in the middle-back. It’s basically a powered wheelchair. The seat has a lever, and it can stand you straight up. There are also straps for your legs, waist and chest,” Nick says, describing the machine.

The ParaGolfer was invented in Europe by a disabled man. “You know it’s great, because it was invented by someone who experiences the same thing myself and others experience,” Nick explains.

It was only recently that Nick was able to try the ParaGolfer experience himself.

“I had read up a bit about it a few years ago. I remember seeing it online,” Nick recalls. “There were some in the U.S, but I wasn’t going to travel that far. I didn’t know there was one around here until I saw a picture and an article about a man using it in Whitby in one of the local papers.”

When he found out there was one nearby, he went to see if it lived up to the hype.

The ParaGolfer Does Everything You Need it to Do

So – how did it feel once Nick did get to try it?

“It felt good! Although I thought I would have a better swing,” Nick chuckles.

“Honestly, it’s amazing to have something like that; it does everything you need it to do,” he continues. “There’s not a lot of stuff like this for people with disabilities, to be able to get out like that. It puts a smile on your face.”

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Nick Plans to Start Fundraising Next Summer

It’s only been a few weeks since Nick decided to start fundraising for a ParaGolfer, but he already has some ideas of what he’d like to do.

“I’d like to have a golf tournament next summer. I’d also like to approach the military base in the area. The ParaGolfer is a great machine for all kinds of things, not just golf. They may be interested in them for veterans.”

The ParaGolfer would stay at one of the bigger golf courses in the area; it’s easy to transport if needed.

There would be a schedule, and people could use it for a small fee (which would go towards future maintenance costs).

At this point, Nick is still doing research into both the ParaGolfer and how to fundraise for it.

“Unfortunately, everything related to disabilities is expensive. I don’t know the exact cost of the ParaGolfer, but I think it’s upward of at least $30,000.”

You Could Help Now – Just Ask

Nick is still looking into fundraising ideas, and how to organize them. “I’ve never organized a fundraiser before, but when more details are in place, they’ll be made available for people who want to support us.”

Stay tuned to learn how you can help us raise money for a ParaGolfer. If you’re interested in supporting Nick’s goal, please contact us!

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