Live in Ottawa? Cassidy’s Self Storage and Moving containers make dealing with your belongings so much easier.

Just imagine: when you’re ready, we deliver the container to your home. When you’re done, we pick it up. If you’re moving, we take it to your new home for you. What could be simpler?

More reasons to love moving and storage with Cassidy’s:

  • Convenient: load and unload at your own pace – no moving truck scheduling ordeal.
  • Easy: less work that self storage facilities, because there’s no extra load and unload at the building.
  • Cost-effective: you’ll know what the value-conscious price is up-front. We’re cheaper than a self-storage facility.
  • Weatherproof: let it rain – your possessions will stay dry.
  • Secure: your own padlock keeps things safe.
  • Safe: no need to worry about driving a huge truck in heavy traffic.
  • Trustworthy: Cassidy’s is Better Business Bureau accredited.

We’ll Take Care Of Moving The Container For You

Ottawa self storage containers from Cassidy’s are the perfect solution – in fact it’s going to be the one stress-free part about your move. Whether you’re moving to Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans or to another part of the Ottawa valley, we’ll take care of moving the container for you. All you need to do is tell us where it needs to go!

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Part of the Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage Family

Self Storage and Moving Containers are part of the Cassidy’s family of companies. Since 1908 we’ve been moving anything, anywhere for anyone.

Why Use Self Storage Containers for Your Belongings?

Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are a great way to store larger amounts of furniture and possessions safely. Whether you’re moving to a new location or you’re storing a few things at your home during a renovation, you’ll find you enjoy the convenience.

Self Storage Containers are Convenient for Moving

Renting a truck is stressful because it’s time-sensitive: every hour extra costs you more. Plus, there’s the stress of driving an unfamiliar vehicle through traffic.

When you use a self storage container, you’ll enjoy these advantages:

  • Your container is delivered and picked up for you
  • Secure: weatherproof and lockable
  • You can move at your own pace with more time for loading and unloading the container
  • Moving-day weather is no longer an issue
  • You’ll know what the cost is up-front
  • No truck availability worries

Self Storage Containers are Convenient for Renovators

If you need to clear some space for major home improvement projects, you’ll love working with self-storage containers. Mini-storage facilities are very popular, but they’re not really convenient. After all, you have to load your possessions into a truck and deliver them to the facility. They also cost more.

You’ll enjoy these conveniences when you rent a self storage container:

  • Your work is cut in half! You just load and unload the container once – the extra work of getting your belongings into the facility is removed.
  • No need to move your belongings through traffic to a facility – we take care of pickup and delivery.
  • Your belongings remain on your property in a lockable, weatherproof container
  • When you’re done renovating, your belongings are easy to move back in

Using Self Storage for Home Staging

Real estate agents often suggest that it will be easier to sell your home if you clean out the basement and garage and generally reduce the density of your possessions in your house. It’s called home staging, but what do you do with all that stuff? Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are perfect for this job.

Ottawa self storage containers from Cassidy’s will be your silent partner when you need to make space in your home for home staging. They’re also useful if you’re reorganizing your home and clearing out clutter: everything’s ready to go for your garage sale.

Why double your work and drag everything to a storage facility? With Cassidy’s Self Storage and Moving containers, everything stays right on your property.

Self Storage Container Dimensions

Cassidys Residential Storage Container

Residential Self Storage Container Specifications

Please note that some municipalities have bylaws that do not permit the usage of 20′ shipping containers for storage. In some rural areas, however, this may be possible. Please contact Cassidy’s if you think you may need a larger container and you live in a rural area.

20 Foot
Outside Length 19′ 10″
Inside length 19′ 5″
Outside Width 8′
Inside Width 7′ 8″
Outside Height 8′ 5 1/2″
Inside Height 7′ 9 3/4″
Back Door Width 7′ 8″
Back Door Height 7′ 5 1/2″
Wheels None

Total Cubic Feet


Maximum Capacity

20,000 lbs.


14 Guage Steel

Perfect for Renovators, Contractors and Restoration Professionals

Have you had a fire or flood? Restoration professionals and homeowners use Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers to make restoration easier, safer and cheaper.

People and contractors building new homes often need places they can securely store things like windows, doors, appliances and equipment until they are ready to be installed in the new home. Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are the answer.

Better Convenience Than Mini-Storage

Mini-storage is a popular way of storing and it’s great for reducing your clutter or temporarily storing your possessions. But you have to find a way to get your things to the mini-storage.

Let us bring the mini-storage to you! Everything you love about mini-storage but without the aggravation of getting your things to the mini-storage facility. You have the same private, secure storage as mini-storage, (the storage container is secured with your own lock) plus the option of putting the mini-storage on your own property.

When you use mini-storage you move your things twice as much as Cassidy’s Self Store and Move. Don’t forget that every time you move your things, the opportunity exists for loss or damage not to mention the extra time and work of loading and unloading.

Move it once with Cassidy’s Self Store and Move Containers. Compare the monthly mini-storage charge and the monthly charge for Cassidy’s Self Store and Move Containers and you will wonder why you ever considered mini-storage. Unlike mini-storage, Cassidy’s Self Store and Move offers a 1-7 day storage rate!

Storage That’s Easy to Work With

Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are sized so they fit perfectly into residential parking areas (16’X8’X8′). They are on sturdy casters so they can be moved on site. The roof is made up of a translucent fiberglass that allows for a bright working environment. There are numerous tie down d-rings the length of the container so you can keep your load secure. The door is an easy to use, roll down garage type door with a secure latch where you put your own lock. Near ground level loading makes for a safer and easier job. Compare this to a rental truck that uses a narrow, unsecured ramp to reach the back of the truck.  Don’t put your friends and family at risk.  Ground level is the way to go!

Take Your Time

Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are available in convenient 7 and 30-day periods. Do-it-yourself moving too often means chaos because you have the rented truck for only a short period and you have to impose on your friends to meet that schedule.

Take control of your move! Take the stress out of moving: load your Cassidy’s Self Storage Container over the course of days or weeks according to your schedule. Take the time to do the best job possible.

Getting Started is Easy!

Request more information or book your Cassidy’s Self Storage Container today.


“The best move I’ve ever had, make that the best 2 moves, since Cassidy’s also moved everything in and out for my renovation 7 months ago.”

– Nadia O.

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