Here’s a tip from our knowledgable Renfrew movers for packing your possessions that will not only save on boxes but protect fragile items when moving: use your clothing as packing material!

This tried and true method may be known to some starving students, and it will work for many homeowners too. All your clothes should be clean of course, because one of the best things to wrap in the clothing are dishes and other fragile items.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Figure out which clothing you won’t be needing in the near future; basically everything out of season.
  2. Use the thickest clothing, especially sweaters, on the bottoms of boxes.
  3. Use thinner items like pants and shirts between objects like plates.
  4. Use socks to encase glasses and mugs.

If you are using newsprint as well (it’s great for the corners of boxes) MAKE SURE it’s clean, and not from old newspapers. This is because the newsprint will get all over your clothes.

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Also, don’t use your best clothing for packing, like your suits or dresses. This method is only for clothing that is reasonably sturdy.

You also need to make sure you’ve kept the clothing you need for moving day and the few days after in a separate, easy to recognize container. Moving day is always tiring, so you need to make things easy on yourself.

There are a couple of benefits to this method:

  1. You don’t need to use as many boxes, so it’s less to pack and move.
  2. There’s less packing material to buy..

Happy moving!

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