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Cassidy's Moving and Storage

A Tour of Our Ottawa Storage Facility

Canadians are moving, downsizing and renovating. Of course, there’s always kids growing up and going off to university. That all adds up to the fact that we’ve doubled our use of external storage facilities in the past decade. In Ontario, we have more storage facilities than in any other province.

While storage lockers are a relatively newer phenomenon, Cassidy’s has been providing secure storage at its facilities for decades. We have outdoor storage (in shipping containers) and indoor storage in our warehouse. If you need to keep your goods out of the weather, we can definitely keep your belongings snug and dry inside our temperature-controlled storage facility.

Many of our customers need storage as part of the freight-shipping process, especially if they’re moving long distance or internationally. Even for local moves, sometimes there’s a bit of time between selling their old home and moving into their new one.

While we also provide storage containers for rent or sale, for many people indoor storage that’s monitored by us is preferable. Not only is it climate controlled, but there are employees on duty and a sophisticated alarm system to keep it secure.

Come with me as I lead you on a photo tour of our Ottawa facility, just outside of Stittsville. You’ll get some insight into what a day in the life of a Cassidy’s employee is like, as well as seeing for yourself just how cool the warehouse is.

Photo Tour

Cassidys Ottawa location front office

When you call Cassidy’s, you’ll be speaking with someone who works out of the front office. As you can see it isn’t fancy, but it’s nice enough that our employees have a comfortable place to work. Like any workplace, the key thing is the people, and we have a great team. We all help each other out.

Here’s the inside of the warehouse. The photo below really doesn’t give you a sense of how big this place is. It’s like an airplane hanger.

Cassidys Ottawa storage warehouse

We have a ton of room in here, and we’re using most of it.

And above you can see… stacks of boxes. These particular boxes contain motorcycles on their way to a dealership. Some are being stored for the winter. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but these boxes are well over 10 feet tall.

Everything is labelled, coded and listed in our database. No matter how full our warehouse gets, we never lose track of anything.

Cassidys Ottawa storage warehouse equipment

As you can see, it’s never dull around the warehouse; we never know what will come in. Here, a local gym has asked us to look after some of their treadmills while they do some remodeling. We can store almost anything for you, as long as it’s not alive or dangerous.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can show you, as there are some high-security areas that we can’t photograph. If you have any questions about storage or moving, give us a call!

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