Do you need extra storage for your business? Secure, tough, and watertight, shipping containers or sea cans provide ample yet compact onsite storage.

Whatever use you need extra room for, the key, as with most business projects, is to start with a plan. Let’s walk through the process.

Create A Plan

Consider the shipping container or sea can rental or purchase size and configuration – a standard 20-foot container will be a rectangle with interior measurements of approximately 19’5” long by 7’8” wide by 7′10 ″ high. Develop a sketch to plan the optimal layout, using design software or good old paper and pencil, as you prefer.

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Make A List Of All Your Items

Make up a list of all items you are going to put into the container, noting their dimensions and planned locations. Keep a master content list on an online spreadsheet that can be easily shared with colleagues or readily updated, and make a hard copy to post in the shipping container itself. Once you have decided on an accessible layout, prepare a map of the unit as well.

Make Things Easy To Access

Probably your biggest challenge will be maximizing the available storage space, while still making things easy to access. This is where organizing a shipping container for storage differs from packing for a move. Use these tips:

  1. Group similar items close together, wherever feasible.
  2. Store smaller objects in filing cabinets or clearly labelled, same-size boxes, with lids that are easily accessible.
  3. Keep a clear pathway through the unit.
  4. Position your most frequently used items close to the storage container entrance, with less-needed items at the back.

Add Storage Attachments

It will be much more convenient to organize your shipping container when you add specialized storage attachments. Select standard or heavy-duty shelving, brackets, and fittings. You may also choose to install air vents and a lockbox.

New or Used

Both new and used shipping containers are available. The new ones are more expensive but tend to come equipped with secure locking systems and new forklift pockets. Used containers, while still solid, may have cosmetic flaws such as dents or scratches.

Rent or Buy

Another important decision is whether to rent or buy your shipping container. Rental by the week or the month is an excellent option for shorter-term storage, such as during the renovation of your premises. However, purchasing will allow full customization of the container to fit your business’s storage needs.

Explore Shipping Container Storage Solutions

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