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INFOGRAPHIC: Bubble Wrap Fun Facts

On Monday January 26, don’t forget to wish everyone a happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

As a moving company, you can bet that we’re huge fans of bubble wrap no matter what time of year it is. But did you know that the last Monday of every January is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? Here are some fun facts to help you enjoy this special occasion.

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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Infographic

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Transcript: Rapping About Bubble Wrap

Fun Facts About the Most Pop-tacular Packing Material

Popping enthusiasts, get ready. International Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day falls on the last Monday of January! Here are some things you didn’t know about everyone’s favourite stress reliever and packing material.

We Could Bubble Wrap the Globe

Every year, Sealed Air, the makers of bubble wrap, produces enough bubble wrap to stretch around the world 10 times. That’s more than 400,000 kilometers or 240,000 miles of bubble wrap!

Bubble Wrap Wallpaper?

In 1957, two inventors got the idea for bubble wrap by sealing two shower curtains together, creating air bubbles between them.

It was originally marketed as a type of three dimensional textured wallpaper. It didn’t catch on. But the inventors realized that it could be used as a packing material and soon it would be used to safely ship the world’s first supercomputers. The rest is history!

Bubble Wrap Inventions

Every year, Sealed Air encourages inventors to create new uses for bubble wrap with a contest celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

In 2014, Eric Buss invented a bike that allows its rider to bike along an endless carpet of bubble wrap.

An Excellent Stress Reliever

According to a 2012 survey, one minute of popping bubble wrap provides the same amount of stress relief as a 33 minute massage.

Sealed Air, the makers of bubble wrap, give their employees stress relief boxes filled with bubble wrap.

Bubble Wrap Record

The current world record for the most people popping bubble wrap simultaneously is 942 people. The record is held by Twin Lakes Elementary School in Elk River Minnesota. Talk about your pop-ular kids!

Bubble wrap is a pop-ular topic here at Cassidy’s. If you have any bubble wrap facts to share, or just want to talk about packing, drop us a line at @cassidytransfer.

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