It’s the question that is on every seller’s mind: how much is my home worth? And how can I make it worth more?

Most people will say renovation vs. moving. This makes a lot of sense, but how do you know what renovations will give you the biggest return on your investment?

We asked 8 home and design experts from Ottawa – and consulted 2 HGTV experts – what they would recommend if you wanted to increase your home’s value before putting a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard.

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Here’s what they recommend.

The Question: What renovation will add the most value to your home if you’re looking to sell?

Diane Allingham and Jen Stewart
Real Estate Brokers

“Statistically, it’s kitchens and bathroom renovations that get the most return. But other things can help you sell, too.”

Irene Bilinski
Real Estate Broker

“The best value-adding renovations are the kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring. Follow those up with outdoor repairs (increase curb appeal), doors, windows, and light fixtures. A finished basement with a bathroom is also a good choice.”

George Bradie and Patrick Walchuk
Real Estate Salespeople

“If it was our homes, renovate the kitchen. If you have more money, do the bathrooms as well to get the best return on investment. Hands down.”

Geoff and Bobbie McGowan
Real Estate Broker and Sales Representative

“We would recommend affordable updates – a fresh coat of paint, new flooring (carpet or hardwood), new kitchen countertops, and refacing or painting your kitchen cabinets. If you’re looking to do a big renovation, choose your kitchen or bathrooms.

Yasmin Fues
Real Estate Agent

“If it were my home, I would absolutely do two renovations – the kitchen and the ensuite bathroom.”Sarah Kidder

“Definitely your kitchen or bathroom if you want return on your investment.”

Sonya Kinkade

“I would recommend doing your kitchen and your bathroom.”

Jennifer McGahan

“Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that add the most resale value to your home. But they’re also the rooms that you use the most. Don’t wait until you sell; enjoy the renovations yourself!”

Jonathan and Drew Scott
Property Brothers

“A bath attached to the master bedroom in a house is a pleasant surprise, even for homebuyers who don’t put it on their wish list.”

Mike Holmes
Holmes Makes It Right on HGTV

“Kitchen and bathroom improvements increase the value of your house more than most renovations and offer the highest average return on investment. The kitchen is the heart of a home… so renovations that improve the kitchen are a good idea.”

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