A box is just a box, right? If you are relying on your boxes to protect your prized possessions, the answer is no! Most places that want to sell you moving boxes use the cheapest, thinnest cardboard construction they can find.

Although many think choosing cheap boxes will help you save money on your move- they’re wrong. They may look good in the pictures, but they crush and collapse when stacked – leaving you with a damaged box and damaged items.

The top-quality material you want your moving boxes to be made of is corrugated fiberboard.

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This type of box is put through various tests and procedures to confirm it’s durability and security. The corrugated fiberboard should definitely be your go-to box.

What Is A “Box Certificate”?

A moving boxes’ strength is measured in a variety of ways, but the most common process for movers is the edge crush test. At the bottom of most cartons, you can find a manufacturer stamp with the Box Certificate. The stamp lists the number of pounds a box will take before it crushes as well as the maximum weight the box will hold.

Box Certificate Example
Box Certificate Example

The higher the number, the more the box will resist deformation and better protect your goods.

Box Certificate moving boxes are designed to last and keep the contents of your box secure.

The Box Certificate tells you everything about how it was made and how secure it is. It states where it was made, the board construction, resistance to puncturing, total weight of the liner, the maximum sum of outside dimensions and the maximum weight the box will hold.

At Cassidy’s, we only use Certified Moving Boxes that follow the same requirements required by the Federal Government for moving companies.

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