If you were in Ottawa this summer, you probably heard about Liam Dwyer.

This incredible kid spent a year growing his hair to donate it, and hosted a fundraiser in support of Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and kids with cancer.

We were proud to make a donation to his cause.

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Liam Raised $5,575.75 for CHEO

Eight-year-old Liam was already growing his hair when his father suggested an idea: keep growing his hair out, and donate it to CHEO for someone with cancer.

Liam thought this was a great idea, and committed to reaching the required 12-inch hair length and to raising as much money as possible for CHEO.

Liam spoke with Jewel 92.5 about growing his hair for a year and the official hair-cutting/ BBQ fundraiser he and his amazing parents hosted on September 30, 2018.

We checked in with Liam post-fundraiser to see how it went.

“My hair was over 12 inches,” Liam shared with us. When he cut his hair at the big fundraiser, it was a huge moment for him.

“It was a little odd having everyone watching me, but I felt really happy that I was able to help someone,” he said.

Liam and his family were able to raise quite a bit of money for CHEO. “We raised $5,775 and 75 cents – I memorized it,” Liam said.

He Would 100% Do It Again

Liam was incredibly happy to cut his hair – not only did he get to help someone in need, but he doesn’t have to worry about combing it anymore.

“But now it feels a lot colder!” he said.

We asked him if this is something he would do a second time in the future. “I would do it again,” Liam said. But for now, he’s going to enjoy having short hair.

Thanks to Everyone Who Supported Him

Liam would like to thank everyone who supported him and CHEO while he grew his hair. “It felt really good having people support me. Thank you to everyone because they’re helping people with cancer. They’re making a difference in the world.”

The Cassidy’s team is incredibly proud of him, and impressed by his commitment to helping others.

If You’d Like to Grow Your Own Hair, Here’s What You Need to Know

Fundraisers like Hair Donation Ottawa let you raise funds and donate your hair, as long as you follow their guidelines. Find out more by visiting the link below!

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