Our people are the reason we have been successful for over 105 years.

We don’t use the term “professional movers” lightly. Cassidy’s knows that looking after the shipping needs of families and businesses to the level our customers expect means we have to attract and retain the highest quality people.

It’s Experience that Makes the Difference

Thirty administration and management personnel and up 180 operations workers operate out of twenty acres and 80,000 sq.ft. of climatized storage.

Some of these employees are second and third generation Cassidy’s workers. All of the senior managers have been with the company for more than twenty years.

We have career movers who get the same satisfaction in packing and moving safely that they did 10 or 15 years ago.

Bonded Moving Crews Lead By Trusted Veterans

All of our moving crews are fully bonded and cleared. New movers are given full training on proper packing and carrying technique.

We don’t send new recruits to our customers without an experienced team member there to supervise them. New hires also do not move furniture by themselves: whether it’s a beat up old couch or an antique desk, we have a veteran mover there with them to ensure proper care is taken with your belongings.

Training That Focuses on Professional Technique and Safety

Cassidy’s knows that to be the best, our people must be highly trained in everything from how to pack correctly to how to operate a forklift.

As soon as a new worker is hired they are brought up to speed on all safety procedures, including our internal policies that go above and beyond legislated safety laws. As a moving company we hire a lot of young people, and they are required to complete the Young Workers’ Awareness Course.

Ongoing Training

We have a culture of ongoing training and information sharing, ensuring that workshops are taught by experienced, fully qualified teachers from within our organization and from the outside world. Recurring courses include topics like proper lifting technique, safe forklift use, log completion requirements, how to secure cargo of all kinds so it doesn’t shift while in transit.

Sometimes it’s helpful to consult experts outside Cassidy’s. We regularly bring in experts from the Ministry of Transportation, Health Canada, Canada Border Services Agency and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Spreading Safety Awareness to Other Organizations

Because we are licensed to transport hazardous materials, we hold workshops to train other businesses on the correct handling of hazardous materials. The latter includes specific workshops in nuclear materials transport safety, how to transport ammunition and explosives.

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