Cassidy’s believes that it is the responsibility of every person and corporation to care for and save from harm the world we share.


We embrace this responsibility.

We published our Environmental Policy in January 2010 serving notice to all employees that protecting the environment is a priority for Cassidy’s. Our goal is continuous improvement and we pledge our company will never stop looking for new and innovative ways to protect the environment.

Here are some of the initiatives we have taken:

Truck Specifications

Diesel trucks are our single largest contributor to greenhouse gasses. Currently, there is no alternative to diesel engines for moving heavy loads but they are also the most environmentally friendly option. Diesel engines are simple engines that are made to last, and provide more work for their size and fuel consumed than any other alternative. Diesel engines of the past received a bad reputation for smoking and a bad smell. Those days are long gone.

Today, Cassidy’s requires its trucks to have the newest and best in computer-controlled fuel use technology. We also use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology in our new heavy-duty diesel vehicle engines. This technology “scrubs” the exhaust to ensure what we put into the air as clean possible. The new trucks we buy are cleaner, more fuel-efficient and better for the environment than any truck we have had in the past.

Together with mandated reduction in sulphur emissions, today’s diesels rank as the most efficient and cleanest engines available. Cassidy’s Equipment Replacement Policy obligates Cassidy’s to specify the latest in harm reduction technology. Since diesel engines are good candidates for biodiesel fuel, we expect future generations to be even cleaner.


Cassidy’s has long recognized that good maintenance means more efficient, safer and cleaner trucks. Cassidy’s maintenance policies demand that all equipment is checked on regular schedules. Harmful emissions are reduced by making sure tires are properly inflated and engines and moving parts are properly lubricated and checked for wear and tear.

Re-use and Recycle

The moving industry has traditionally been good at re-using and recycling material needed to complete their jobs. Packing material is made from cardboard and paper which is a renewable resource and these items are re-used as long as they are clean and free from defects. When their life is over, packing materials are recycled and used to make new boxes and paper. Tires, engine oil and batteries are also recycled. Furniture is protected in storage and in transit using re-useable moving blankets that can last decades.

Moving Boxes and the Environment

Boxes come from natural, renewable sources and can be remade over and over. Old corrugated containers are excellent candidates for recycling. They are easily compressed and baled for cost-effective transport. The baled boxes are put in a hydro-pulper, which is a large vat of warm water that breaks down the fibres for cleaning and processing. The pulp slurry is then used to make new paper and fibre products.

Virtually every paper product you can buy has some content of recycled material in it. Since boxes can be reused almost indefinitely, it is an excellent product for the environment. We will take back and reuse any and all packing boxes that are clean, free from stains and damage

A Green Culture

Cassidy’s knows that it is not one big thing that will protect our planet; it is many little things that add up to a big difference. Cassidy’s has a culture of protecting the environment.

We only buy cartons and boxes that are manufactured in Ontario or Quebec, preferably within a 150-mile radius of Ottawa. There are cheaper sources of cardboard in the U.S. but we feel the difference in cost is not worth the environmental impact. Before you buy cartons, please find out where they have been manufactured.

Our Environmental Policy requires employees to go paperless when possible; to get removed from mailing lists that send unwanted newsletters, magazines and catalogues that can be viewed online; we print using both sides of the paper and avoid colour printing; use the backside of old documents for notepaper. Recycling bins have been placed by every workstation, printer and high traffic areas. Computer parts, cell phones and other electronic waste are recycled instead of being sent to landfills where their dangerous components can have a lasting negative impact on the environment. Every employee of Cassidy’s knows that the protection of the environment is a company priority.

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