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Are you planning a move to Gloucester? Cassidy’s is a Gloucester moving company, so we know this Eastern Ottawa community very well … and we can tell you, it is thriving, with a population currently numbering approximately 125,000. It’s tempting to call Gloucester a neighbourhood, but it’s actually a collection of communities, each with a charming name like Blossom Park, Chateau Neuf, or Honey Gables.

You’ll find plenty of amenities right near your new home, especially in the commercial area along Montreal Road. The Richcraft Sensplex is a local attraction where youth and adults can practice their hockey skills — or just relax and watch a game. And the development of the light rail transit line through the heart of Gloucester promises a bright future for the area.

Why Cassidy’s Transfer and Storage?

We often notice the excitement families feel as they move into their new home in Gloucester. Of course, it’s nice to think we have something to do with that. You see, Cassidy’s team of professional movers makes moving to Gloucester easy. All of Cassidy’s crews are trained, bonded, caring, and led by experienced veterans. Our goal is to get you and your belongings into your new home quickly, efficiently, and stress-free.

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Gloucester Moving Services

Local Moving Services For Gloucester

Some folks like Gloucester so much they don’t want to leave. When it’s time for a new home, they organize a local move within Gloucester. We can totally understand.

However, even if you’re just moving a few blocks, you will probably appreciate a helping hand. If so, keep in mind that the movers Cassidy’s service Gloucester, and we give the same level of professional care to local moves as to longer hauls.

One of Cassidy’s special qualities is that we offer you the freedom to customize your moving experience. Would you like the whole full-service, you-don’t-lift-a-finger deal? Your wish is our command. Is it more your style to save money by doing some of the work yourself? That’s perfectly fine.

Let’s get a dialogue going. It’ll begin with our professional Gloucester Mover Consultant, who will evaluate the size of your move. Based on that information, we’ll explain your options with upfront pricing for each tier of service.

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Long Distance Moving Services To Gloucester

If you’re about to make a long-distance move to Gloucester, welcome to the community! We love Gloucester, and we think you will too.

And don’t stress too much about the details of moving — Cassidy’s will get you off to a good start. Our skilled, professional team has plenty of experience moving people to Gloucester from across the province, across the continent, or overseas.

Choose from our full “menu” of long-distance moving services to custom-tailor your move to suit your needs, your pace, and your style. We are here to help every step of the way. Just say the word, and we’ll be happy to get you started with important details like your customs and immigration paperwork.

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Long Distance Moving Services From Gloucester

Are you leaving Gloucester? Cassidy’s is here for you, no matter how far your upcoming move may be — to the next province or halfway around the world.

A move can be stressful, especially when you’re heading to a new home far away. But don’t worry, our job is to make it easier for you. Our professional, bonded team has plenty of experience in long-distance and international moving.

We also offer you choices. With Cassidy’s, you can move your way, with either a full service moving package or the option to do part of the work yourself and save. Suppose you are moving long-distance temporarily (possibly for a short-term work assignment). In that case, we have a secure storage facility, where you can safely leave belongings you won’t need to take along.

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Moving Supplies

When you ask, “What is the most stressful thing about moving?” a surprising number of people mention the headache of getting together all the supplies they need.

Well, Cassidy’s aim is to de-stress your move as much as possible. And so … ta-da! We’ve come up with a solution to the moving supply dilemma.

Contact us and we will deliver all the items you need for your move, right to your door. After your move is complete (and you’re happily settled into your new home), we will even come and pick up your used cartons, free of charge.

Feeling a little more relaxed now? Here is a sampling of what you can order from us:

    • Clean packing paper and bubble wrap
    • Standard 2, 4, and 5 cubic-foot cartons
    • Specialized carton sizes and types (mirror cartons, reinforced china cartons, etc.)
    • Moving blankets
    • Mattress bags
    • Packing tape guns
    • Carton markers
    • Plus, lots more!

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Storage Containers

Here’s a great way to make your move easier — pack at your own pace. All you have to do is book a storage container delivery with Cassidy’s. After we drop off your container, you are free to pack it up. Take as much time as you need. Inside the storage container, your packed boxes will be dry, secure, and out of the way.

Once you’ve finished packing, we’ll pick up your container, load it onto one of our moving trucks, and ship it to your destination. If you prefer, we will transport the container to our climate-controlled storage facility until you need it, whether that’s next week or ten years from now. Your possessions will be safe in our hands until you’re ready for them!

Why We Love Gloucester

Gloucester is an excellent place to raise a family. Not only is it in a prime location, but it offers plenty of attractions for families who enjoy sports, dining out, entertainment or shopping.

Gloucester was one of 11 municipalities amalgamated into the City of Ottawa in 2001, and since then it has experienced plenty of development. Although there may be plenty of plans to develop and expand Gloucester, we know it for its traditional, family-friendly atmosphere.

With its numerous public parks and tight-knit communities, it allows families to live a quiet lifestyle while still being very close to the downtown.

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Whether your family is interested in entertainment, museums, sports, or dining out, there is plenty to do in Gloucester.

And while its primary attraction is location, it’s a great place to spend a day in its own right.


There are plenty of places in Gloucester that make for excellent day outings. One of the most popular is the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. Take a tour of the museum’s collection of preserved historical airplanes, such as the Avro 683 Lancaster X or the Bleroit XI, one of the first aircraft used in combat. Additionally, the museum offers helicopter tours of Ottawa and features regular special events.

If you’re more interested in movies, Scotiabank Theatre (formerly SilverCity Gloucester) is the destination for you. It is one of Ottawa’s biggest theatres, featuring 16 screens. It also contains a full arcade with some of the newest games around.

Or, if you’d rather be shopping, there’s plenty of that on offer at the Gloucester Shopping Centre. With endless options, including Pet Valu, Freedom Mobile, and even Walmart, the shopping centre is sure to have what you’re looking for. There’s also a food court if you get hungry.


Speaking of food, Gloucester is home to some of the nicest restaurants in Ottawa. One notable example is Big Rig Brewery. They are a local craft brewer with a varied menu of drinks, including porters, stouts and ales. And, while Big Rig is known for their beer, they do a great job with their food as well, offering more than just traditional pub fare.

Another great option is Moxie’s. Their menu of steak, seafood, pasta and salad is sure to satiate the appetite of even the most discerning diner. They also happen to be located fairly close to Scotiabank Theatre, so it’s the perfect spot for dinner and a movie.

Finally, for authentic Indian food, it’s hard to do better than Coconut Lagoon. With a lunch buffet and accommodations for groups, it’s perfect for a work outing as well as a family dinner.


Gloucester is fantastic for the family that appreciates sports, especially hockey. The Richcraft Sensplex gives people in Gloucester access to a full-featured hockey facility with four arenas, a blade sharpening service, and a licensed bar and grill, Stanley’s.

Gloucester is host to the Gloucester Hockey Association, which gives young players the opportunity to compete in minor hockey leagues across Ottawa. They also allow players to rent ice time across the city.

The area is also known for its golf, with two full-size golf courses located within its boundaries. Pine View golf course is a mature-style course that caters to golfers who are looking for a challenge. Their course features 36 holes, and their clubhouse is host to several HD golf simulators, which allow you to play golf throughout the winter. Another great option is the White Sands golf course, which features a nine-hole course and the city’s largest driving range.

Finally, if you’re interested in playing “summer” outdoor sports in the winter, the Superdome offers warm-weather sports throughout the year. You can play soccer, frisbee, rugby, lacrosse, and football on a regulation-size soccer field fully protected by an inflatable dome.

We’re Your Gloucester Movers

Gloucester is a great place to live, and we can help you move there. Our moving services are local and affordable. And, unlike national companies, we know Gloucester. It’s the kind of place that beckons to families, with its pleasant homes, fine dining, fun attractions, and great sports venues.

Whether you’re looking for storage or moving services, Cassidy’s ready to serve you.

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