Container.jpgWhat is Intermodal Shipping?

When you pack goods in a shipping container and move the same container using different transportation systems, you’re doing intermodal shipping.

Why go intermodal? By moving the container utilizing the railways, ocean shipping lines and road carriers, great efficiency can be achieved. Instead of having to move individual skids, the whole container just gets lifter from one system to the next. It’s very time saving, and ends up costing less.

Containerized shipping is an increasingly popular way of transporting freight, and so is intermodal shipping.

Why Use Our Intermodal Freight Shipping Services

Cassidy’s operates many inter-modal container chassis and we are experienced in the port procedures.

For enhanced security, our drivers have TWICs cards (Transportation Worker Identification Credential Card). To obtain a TWIC, an individual must provide biographic and biometric information such as fingerprints, sit for a digital photograph, and successfully pass a security threat assessment conducted by TSA. Our drivers also hold a variety of other port credentials at most Canadian and U.S. ports.

If you’re shipping via the United States, make sure your carrier has TWIC approved drivers if you require a pick-up or delivery at a U.S. port.


“I have used Cassidy’s transport service for many years now, flatbeds as well as vans and they have always provided myself and (our company) with excellent transportation services as well as customer service.”

– Jodi M., Logistics Manager