Rolltite.jpgIf your freight shipment cannot fit in a dry van, chances are that it will fit on one of Cassidy’s many flatbeds.

Some of varieties we have in our fleet are:

  • Tandem air ride flatbeds. The dual axles provide more support for heavier loads and more braking power (for every wheel there is also an additional brake). Air Ride suspension uses pumped air to cushion the load – while air does compress, it still provides greater cushioning over bumps in the road.
  • Step deck flatbeds. A step deck flatbed has the main platform for the load on a dropped level. This provides greater stability for taller loads.
  • Double drop removable gooseneck flatbeds. These have a lowered level between the sets of wheels, and a removable “gooseneck” at the front that allows the trailer to be loaded via a ramp. These types of flatbeds are perfect for hauling equipment or loads that are both tall and long.
  • Intermodal container chassis. This is a framework on wheels, without a “bed”. These are used to haul shipping containers, as it built so that containers can be loaded and removed as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Rack and tarp flatbeds. This is a flatbed with a framework on the front, sides, and (usually) the back as well. Once the cargo is loaded, a tarp is secured over the top, mostly to reduce air resistance but also to protect the cargo from weather.
  • Multi-axle flatbeds. For extra heavy loads, sometimes three, four or even six axles are needed on part of the trailer to support the load.

From large equipment to vehicles, these trailers are ready to complete all your flatbed shipping requirements.

Just Tell Us What You Need to Transport, and We’ll Do the Rest

You don’t need to be able to ask for a specific kind of trailer. Just tell us what the load is, how large it is and where it needs to go. We’ll walk you through our specific recommendations for everything else.


“I have used Cassidy’s transport service for many years now, flatbeds as well as vans and they have always provided myself and (our company) with excellent transportation services as well as customer service.”

– Jodi M., Logistics Manager