We Ship Anywhere

Cassidy’s will ship anything anywhere in the world. We go beyond the common freight lanes, even places where other carriers will not go. We even ship anywhere in the world. Our extensive in-house fleet of specially licensed and certified drivers are dedicated to making sure your goods arrive safely.

We are licensed to handle hazardous materials safely.


Throughout the Ottawa Valley

We started in 1908 with freight shipping services up and down the Ottawa valley. Today we are still the Ottawa area’s favourite freight carrier.

Across Canada

If your freight needs to get to Toronto, Montréal or beyond, our fleet will take it anywhere in Canada.

To the USA

We go to all states in the USA, and can advise you on fast, no-nonsense border crossings.

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Around the World

No matter where it needs to go, we’ll ensure it gets there safely.

Learn about our inter-modal shipping services >

Why Use Multiple Freight Carriers?

Do you wonder if your carrier can take your shipment to a new area? Do you have multiple carriers shipping to different locations? Let Cassidy’s look after your shipping and you don’t have to worry about where it’s going. You may even be able to find significant time and cost savings.

Cassidy’s goes everywhere. As we like to say, we move the world.

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“I have used Cassidy’s transport service for many years now, flatbeds as well as vans and they have always provided myself and (our company) with excellent transportation services as well as customer service.”

– Jodi M., Logistics Manager