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Ask These 6 Questions To Help You Find An Expert Mover In 2021

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Or perhaps you want to be extra cautious about trusting your stuff to a mover until you’ve thoroughly checked them out. Whatever your situation, you’re wondering what questions to ask your moving company before you hire them.

So we’ve prepared you this list of 6 questions that cut to the chase and separate honest, reliable movers from potential scammers.

1. What Kind Of Moving Services Do You Offer?

Not all movers are created equal. And the services and experience each one offers can be very different. Make sure any moving company that you’re about to hire has precisely the services you need.

For example, you may be planning a local move within Ottawa. With the way our city has been growing, you want a mover who is very familiar with the neighbourhoods.

On the other hand, you may be about to move long distances. Here you’re best off with a mover who works with a trusted network to transport your possessions safely across Canada or halfway across the world. You may also need a moving company that can help handle the mountain of paperwork that tends to come with a long-distance or international move.

Consider, also, how much of the pre-move prep you have time to do. Would you prefer to hand off some — or all — of the packing to professional packers?

And because moving can often be complicated, you may need to deliver a storage container that you can fill at your own pace.

2. Are You A Trusted & Certified Mover?

Unfortunately, the business tends to attract its fair share of rogue movers, as well as reputable movers. To weed out the bad guys, investigate moving company credentials.

Look at how past customers review them online. Don’t read only the reviews on the movers’ own website; check sources like Google or Yelp! Ask for local references that you can speak to in person, as well.

Don’t forget to check out professional affiliations. An established company should be listed with the Better Business Bureau and certified by the Canadian Association of Movers. Membership in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is another positive sign.

Last but not least, find out how long the moving company has been in business. If they’ve been around for many years, they are much less likely to leave you in the lurch.

3. How Much Will My Move Cost?

Avoid unpleasant surprises. Find out the cost of moving before you commit to a moving company. Clarify how that figure is calculated — is it based on hours, the number of crew, weight, or other factors? Local moves are often priced according to different calculations than moving long-distance; make sure those are clear.

And be wary of movers that offer estimates over the phone, sight unseen. You want someone to have a qualified moving consultant look over all the items to be moved, in-home or virtually, and provide you with an accurate estimate.

Get the moving estimate in writing to guarantee how close the mover will stay to this figure. Any conditions that could affect the final cost (such as a last-minute change in the number of items) should be spelled out.

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4. Are Your Movers Professional and Experienced?

Moving you to a new home safely and securely is an art. It requires dedication, training, and experience, as well as a well-thought-out company safety policy. Crew members should be background checked and thoroughly educated in the efficient, safe handling of furniture and other items. Ideally, newer hires should partner with veteran employees for further training on the job.

5. What Happens If Something Breaks During My Move?

Run, don’t walk away from any moving company that does not offer insurance coverage for your precious possessions. And clarify what that insurance entails. As set by the Transportation Act, free basic coverage is limited to approximately $1.30 per kilo per item. You might want to pay for Replacement Value Protection ($22 per kilo per item) or Insurance for Items of Extraordinary Value if your home insurance doesn’t cover them.

6. What Does Your Moving Company Do For The Environment?

Generally speaking, a moving company that cares about the environment will care about you and your move. Investigate their environmental policy on issues such as sustainable sourcing of packing materials, reuse and recycling, and the latest fuel-use technology for their moving fleet.

Choose The Movers You Can Trust

Any move is stressful, for sure. To minimize your moving stress factor, hire Cassidy’s. We’re a full-service, established Ottawa moving company.


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