07 Aug


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4 Essential Tips for Settling in to Your New Home

Here are some tips to help make moving in to your new home a lot easier.

1. Clean Up

You can’t always count on the previous homeowners leaving the space perfectly clean. Try and arrange for cleaning the day before move in.

2. Team Up

Ideally have two people ready to greet the movers. One person will work with the inventory list to confirm everything has arrived, and the other will direct where everything goes.

3. Plan it Out

Having simple diagrams of where you want everything to go will really help your moving team. It will also reduce the amount of rearranging you need to do later.

4. Consider Containers

When you’re unpacking, a mountain of boxes everywhere can be overwhelming. For items you’re not ready to unpack yet, try storing them in closets temporarily or using a portable storage container until you’re ready to deal with them.

This great video from Cassidy’s partner United Van Lines makes everything crystal clear:

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Welcome to your new home!

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