19 May


Cassidy's Moving and Storage

Cassidy’s Returns to Traditional Trucks

Well, it’s been an adventure.

Three weeks ago, if I had known our BikeMove™ program would such a wild success, I would have started some time ago. It is truly a joy to see our clients rally around something that we believe could be the future of moving.

For those of you who missed our announcement, here’s the video again:

But, alas, all good things surely must end. It seems that the BikeMove™ idea is a few years ahead of its time. The problem is, there just doesn’t seem to be a way to keep our drivers from getting tired! It’s perplexing. In my reckoning, we would need to either hire an additional twenty thousand drivers, or we’d need to invent bicycling robots.

Okay we’re joking.

We have something to clean about. We made it all up. April Fools! (By the way, we know it’s May. We just thought it was that funny.)

We have so many people to thank for their complicity in our deception. First, we want to thank our drivers, who did so much to help the project. It should be noted that all the “drivers” featured in the video were actors, local and good ones at that!


  • Carrie Marston

  • Jeff Gagnon

  • Jessie Doucet

  • Caren MacNevin

We’d also like to hand out some very special thank yous to the following people:

  • John Larocque, for the all the help making and painting the bikes and trailers. We could not have biked a block without him!

  • Jim Schuiteboer, who provided drivers and labour for the shoot.

  • Lisa Boutilier from Paul Rushforth real estate, for providing a place to shoot, and then being flexible with regard to weather (we shot in late March).

And a super special thank you to everyone who watched the video and commented! We really loved hearing what you had to say and we can’t wait to try to fool you all again next year!

In the meantime, you can expect the same kind of content for Cassidy’s. Look forward to some new posts in the next few weeks!

And to anyone still looking to book the BikeMove™ service for your next move, we hope that you’ll be satisfied with a truck move instead. It’s almost as good.

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