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How to Make Your New Neighbourhood Feel Like Home

Change is good, right? It also takes some getting used to, especially if you’ve just left a home you’ve known for years. There’s more to moving than just getting to know a new house, there’s a whole new neighbourhood in Ottawa to explore and get to know.

Chances are that you did an initial check of your new area before you chose your new home, at least in terms of the essentials. If you have kids you’ve checked out local schools, and hopefully you know where the closest grocery store is at least! Your real estate agent would probably have given you some of the better features of your new area during the sales process.

But there’s so much more to a neighbourhood, and this guide will help you get a feel for your new locale.

1. Go For a Walk

There’s no better way to get to know a new area than to put on your walking shoes and explore on foot – even if you don’t have a dog. In more suburban or rural areas you may want to make this a bicycle ride, but the point is to leave your car at home. When you’re going at a slower pace you catch the details that give your neighbourhood character.

You’ll find tiny local parks, out of the way cafés and restaurants, and be able to find great places to relax. You’ll also find out what street corners have telephone poles with the latest posters for events happening in your area. Most neighbourhoods are very different on the weekends, so you’ll see a whole new side of your neighbourhood come alive.

Going by foot or by bicycle is not just a way to explore, you’ll get some fresh air and healthy exercise as well!

2. Find Your Local Community and Recreation Centres

These places tend to be the true heart of the community. You’ll find sports leagues and fitness classes galore, as well as other types of classes for every interest under the sun. You’ll be able to check out their message board for garage sales and other events – you might even find a new way to volunteer.

3. Talk to Your Neighbours

Don’t be shy – introduce yourself. Neighbours who know the area will be able to point out their favourite local spots. If the occasion arises, lend a hand – you never know when you will need help yourself someday.

4. Check Out Online Reviews

Start searching for local blogs, online magazines and review sites that will help you find the best that your area has to offer. Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor are great for restaurants, and so is Yelp.

5. Mix it Up

Don’t just go to the same places over and over again- at least at first. Make a point of trying a new restaurant or coffee shop every time for the first few months. After that you’ll find your favourites, and help keep yourself from getting into a rut.

If you keep your eyes and your options open, you’ll soon find that you`re seeing familiar places and faces. You’ll know where the freshest local produce can be found, the most unique shopping, and your servers will know how you like your pizza or your coffee. That’s when you can truly call your new neighbourhood your home – that`s when you’ll feel like you belong.


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